Current Prize Homes

RSL Art Union Draw 411 Photo

RSL Art Union Draw 411

Valued at $12,672,607

Drawn 22/12/2023

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Endeavour Draw 452 Photo

Endeavour Draw 452

Valued at $2,351,008

Drawn 21/12/2023

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Mater Draw 310 Photo

Mater Draw 310

Valued at $4,204,491

Drawn 22/12/2023

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Deaf Lottery Draw 210 Photo

Deaf Lottery Draw 210

Valued at $800,000

Drawn 14/12/2023

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“We present the best prize home and new car lotteries in Australia. Support a great Aussie charity that raises much needed funds through these lotteries. By doing so, you might just win yourself a dream home, a luxury car and a new life.”

With $20,128,106 worth of prizes running right now in November there is plenty up for grabs!

PrizeLink presents the best charity lotteries across Australia.

Take a look at the latest prize homes and luxury cars!

Buying tickets in charity prize home draws not only provides you with a great chance to win some amazing homes, cars, gold bullion and other prizes, it also provides much needed funds for great Australian charities.

You can read all about these organisations do under our Charities tab – we’ve included loads of details about each charity and the great work they do. Or you take a quick browse through our snapshot of each below.

Endeavour Foundation: Endeavour Foundation works tirelessly to help support adults and children living with a disability. The Endeavour Lottery helps to raise funds for this great work – and has become a household name when it comes to great prize home lotteries to win. With community support and the funds from the lottery, the Foundation provides support and programs for those living with a disability to meet their basic necessities and objectives in life.

RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery: We’ve grown up with RSLs as important community centres in towns across our country. No wonder the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is one of the most popular prize home lotteries in Australia! The RSL Art Union raises funds for veterans of our nation. Funds raised by the lottery provide services such as accommodation, counselling, economic assistance and rehabilitation to existing and ex-servicemen and women.

Mater Prize Home Lottery: The Mater Foundation works to improve the treatment and prevention of diseases. Mater Hospitals - operated under the Mater Foundation and existing for over 100 years - are well known for their quality of care. The Mater Prize Home Lottery helps to raise funds for education and research and clinical care for people of all ages – from new born babies to the elderly.

Deaf Lottery: This lottery is the only one in the country that directly supports children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing. Through Deaf Lottery Australia you can help contribute to this worthy cause and help provides programs and services to support the deaf and hard of hearing members of our community. Your support directly helps fund obtaining such vital things as smoke alarms for the deaf and hearing impaired, Auslan (Australian sign language) services and much more.

Surf Life Saving: What would Australia be without its beaches, and the summer crowds that flock to them? The Surf Life Saving Lottery helps to ensure we have enough surf life savers to patrol our world famous beaches, keeping them safe for local and visitors to enjoy. This lottery provides funds for the vital work of Surf Life Saving clubs across the country.

yourtown: Formerly known as BoysTown, yourtown works to support disadvantaged youth by providing counselling, training and other assistance. The funds raised through the yourtown Lottery help to improve the quality of life for these youngsters and their families, especially those who have difficulties socially. Services include counselling, mentoring, training and employment, work placement, as well as Indigenous wellbeing and employment.