You’ve won! What will you choose?

The Deaf Lottery is a vitally important fundraising lottery program design to support essential services for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired community. All funds raised from the sale of lottery tickets offer supporters the opportunity of selecting from four very exciting lifestyle prizes, each valued at $500,000: these include gold bullion, prestige cars, caravans and motorhomes, holidays, new homes, farm machinery, marine craft, trucks and motorbikes.

This exciting lottery is all about choice, and it’s entirely up to you! When you win, you get to choose your 1st Prize Option to the value of $500,000.

So, What Would You Choose?

Would you prefer the financial freedom of getting rid of all that debt and perhaps buying a new car; would you love to fulfil your dream of building a new Metricon home in your choice of location; how about exploring Australia in your new motorhome or caravan? This is your decision to make, and it really doesn’t get any better than this.

The Deaf Lottery Is ‘The Lottery’ For You!

1st Option: Investment or Lifestyle

With this option you’re eligible to receive $500,000 to be spent through Metricon Homes. Your beautiful brand new home can be built in any location of your choice. You may prefer a Metricon ‘house and land’ package and you can move forward with building on your current land, or alternatively you can spend up to $400,000 (which comes in Gold Bullion) to purchase the perfect block of land.

2nd Option: Mortgage Gone!

Imagine having $500,000 at your disposal! What a change of lifestyle for you! You can clear the mortgage, credit cards and all other debt, and still have money left over. Perhaps you need a new car? How about that Porsche Cayman S you’ve been dreaming about, plus $340,000 that you receive in the form of Gold Bullion as your First Prize. Alternatively you might choose a motor vehicle together with $450,000 of gold bullion. There are so many options here that it will probably take you quite a while to decide which way to go!

3rd Option: The Getaway Lifestyle

With $500,000 at your disposal you can now enjoy that much-needed escape from your busy life: spend some of your winnings on your new caravan or motorhome plus your choice of 4WD, and you’ve still got about $400,000 of pure gold bullion. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it!

What about spending your prize money on a 28’ ‘Independence Deluxe’ straight from Paradise Motor-Homes: it comes complete with the following features –

  • Ensuite, complete with shower and separate toilet;
  • Completely equipped kitchen with up-to-date electrical appliances and white-goods; and
  • Spacious living areas.

You’ll enjoy the most luxurious dream holiday in your new accommodation, and remember if you prefer a different caravan or motor-home, then the choice is all yours.

4th Option: Design Your Own Prize

Can you visualize being given $500,000 to spend on prizes of your own choosing? When you win the Deaf Lottery this could be you! You’ll have the freedom to choose a combination of motor homes, motor vehicles, marine craft, trucks, caravans and campers, farm machinery, motorbikes, Eftpos gift cards, travel, plus up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion with the Deaf Lottery.