The Deaf Lottery is Celebrating!!

It’s their 150th Lottery and they’re celebrating! We’re very excited, but it’s you who gets to enjoy all the prizes.

The Deaf Lottery

The Deaf Lottery conducts seven lotteries each year, and uses the funds raised from the sale of tickets to support the Deaf and Hearing Impaired members of our society. Each lottery provides you with an opportunity to WIN a choice of four different Lifestyle Prizes: each prize is valued at $500,000 and they consist of –

  • Prestige cars;
  • A new Metricon Home in your choice of location;
  • Gold Bullion;
  • Motorhomes and caravans;
  • Holidays;
  • Farm machinery and trucks; and
  • Marine craft and motorbikes.
  • There will be a massive 188 prices drawn in this Lottery, so now you have even more opportunities to win some really fantastic prizes.

First Prize Options

When you become the winner of the ultimate $500,000 Lifestyle Change the fantastic news is that YOU get to choose the 1st Prize option that best suits your lifestyle.

Help us celebrate our 150th Lottery in grand style. You’ll have four (4) 1st Prize options to choose from. Perhaps you’re dreaming of building and living in a dream Metricon home in your ideal location; maybe you prefer the financial freedom to get rid of all that debt and buy your dream car. How about exploring our beautiful country in your new motorhome or caravan; or do you just want the option to select your own prizes?

And that’s not all! Remember that all four 1st Prize options come complete with $20,000 cash, plus a staggering $450,000 Gold Bullion if you select the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle option! Really – does it get any better than this? If you require further information about any of the 1st Prize options please just click on the relevant image below.

First Prize Option 1: Lifestyle or Investment?

Can you even imagine having the financial freedom of being able to build your perfect home in the location of your choice? When you walk away from this Lottery with a $500,000 windfall you’ll have this freedom! You can choose a Metricon House & Land Package or you can build your dream home on your own land. Or, how do you feel about spending $400,000 in Gold Bullion plus a bonus $20,000 to assist in purchasing your land (Conditions apply).

Why not have a look at the Metricon Homes website ( for Display Home locations, house plans, and areas serviced by Metricon.

First Prize Option 2: It’s the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle!

Once you recover from the initial shock of winning this fantastic prize, you’ll have the pleasure of deciding how to spend your $500,000. Would you indulge yourself as never before, and spend your winnings on that car you’ve always dreamed of owning (perhaps you’ll take two!), or are you the more careful sort who would pay off the mortgage and credit card debt and then update the family car? Maybe you’d just LOVE a new and exciting BMW 730d Sedan, in addition to $20,000 cash and $260,000 in Gold Bullion?

Perhaps a BMW is not your idea of bliss: is there another dream car (or cars) you’d love to own? Plus there’s still the $450,000 in Gold Bullion and $20,000 in cash.

What a choice! And it’s your choice to make.

First Prize Option 3: It’s Getaway Time!

Who hasn’t dreamed of just packing up and heading off on the trip of a lifetime – touring around this beautiful country of ours in an amazing state-of-the-art Motorhome or Caravan, and 4WD of your choice? What a dream come true for most of us! Well, this is exactly what you could be doing when you walk away with a First Prize win in our 150th Deaf Lottery.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, but the fact is that when you purchase a ticket in our Lottery this Getaway lifestyle could well become a reality for you. You’ll have $500,000 to spend on your ‘toys’ and remember that this prize also includes up to $400,00 in Gold Bullion and $20,000 in cash.

Maybe you’d choose a Jayco Optimum Motorhome: this gorgeous home-away-from-home oozes luxury and comfort, and this is how you get to live as you travel Australia, moving from one exciting destination to another. Some of the wonderful features of this Motorhome include –

  • 7 speed automatic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis;
  • Spacious bathroom;
  • The very latest in electrical and white goods, plus
  • A gorgeous modern, fully-equipped kitchen.
  • For more information on this beautiful Motorhome please visit

First Prize Option 4: You Design Your Own Lifestyle!

When you’re named the winner of our $500,000 First Prize, you’ll have the freedom to choose the prizes that suit your specific lifestyle. What would you choose? It’s a pretty exciting exercise, trying to work out how to make the best use of what is a LOT of money to most people. You may decide on a combination of marine craft, motor vehicles, campers or caravans, trucks, travel, farm machinery, gift cards, and $20,000 Cash with Gold Bullion to the value of $400,000.

It’s your choice! And while you’re making your choice, we’ll be so grateful to you for supporting our wonderful cause. Because that’s what happens when you buy a ticket in our Deaf Lottery: besides all the unbelievable prizes that could be yours, you’re making a wonderful contribution to a wonderful cause.

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