The Deaf Lottery is offering you a one-in-a-lifetime chance to win luxury prizes that you will not want to miss! Draw no. 158 presents four amazing first prize options worth up to $550,000. You can win the opportunity to travel the world in style, build a dream home, or help your family members achieve their dreams. Some of the amazing prizes that you could win include The four fantastic prizes include: gold bullion, a new Metricon home, motor homes, caravans, holiday packages, prestige cards, farm machinery, trucks and marine craft.

Draw 158 is your opportunity to indulge in life changing extravagance. Your participation also helps fund a wide range of programs and services to assist the deaf and hard of hearing community in Australia. Don’t let anybody else buy your winning ticket! Buy right now, before the draw closes on July 10, 2016. If you buy your Deaf Lottery home tickets earlier, you even get to participate in additional draws for more prizes.

Pick Your First Prize from Four Life-Changing Options

The Deaf Lottery Draw 158 knows that luxury means different things to people. That is why the first prize winner gets to choose from four different prizes that cover four different lifestyles.

Option #1 – Investment or Lifestyle

With the Investment or Lifestyle Prize, you get a chance to win your dream Deaf Lottery house and choose exactly how you want it to be built and how exactly it will look! For this prize, you will receive up to $550,000 to put towards a home project – or home and land package – from the trusted builders of Metricon Homes.

If you happen to have a vacant lot somewhere, then you can build your dream house immediately. If you don’t have a lot, don’t worry. You can choose from one of the specially selected packages offered by Metricon Homes and its reputable partners. You will get $450,000 in Gold Bullion, $20,000 Cash plus $80,000 minimum deposit with Metricon Homes to assist with your project.

You can have a choice of a one-storey home, or a two-storey Deaf Lottery prize home. You can have a vintage and industrial, or an urban and organic living space. You can customise your study, entryway, leisure room and bedroom! So, can you imagine your house yet? You can visit Metricon’s website so you can view the available house plans, display locations and areas serviced by the company.

Option #2 – Mortgage Buster Lifestyle

Do you already have a home but have a couple of years left to pay off the mortgage? Then this next first prize option of Draw 158 Deaf Lottery might suit you the best. The Mortgage Buster Lifestyle prize gives you a total of $550,000. Imagine what you can do with a healthier bank account! You could pay off your house loans, get your bills under control and splurge on some of the luxury items you have always dreamed about.

In this prize option, you can choose to upgrade your car to a brand new Mercedes-Benz S 400 L Saloon and leave the remaining $285,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash for a business project or for a rainy day.

If a prestigious Mercedes-Benz is not something that suits your needs, then you can choose any other motor vehicle of your choice, and then receive a whopping $500,000 in Gold Bullion Plus $20,000 in cash to spend as you see fit.

Remember, you get to choose and use your winnings as you please!

Option #3 – Getaway Lifestyle

Have you always dreamed of a life on the open road? Then this is the first prize for you! For the Getaway Lifestyle prize, you get to win a brand new AVIDA ’Longreach’ motorhome. Just imagine how your travelling dreams will be fulfilled once you hop in to your motorhome.

The AVIDA Longreach has everything you need to live and to travel. You also get extras such as power windows, central locking features, cruise control options, climate control air conditioning, twin slideouts, ensuite facilities and a large kitchen with a wide range of luxury white goods and electricals. When it comes to safety, the AVIDA Longreach is equipped with entry grab rails, external handles, safety cupboard door catches, a fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, an LP gas leak detector and a high mounted rear brake light.

If this wonderful AVIDA Longreach is not your dream motorhome, you have the choice to choose your own motorhome or caravan and 4WD that suits your needs.

Option #4 – Design Your Own Lifestyle

If none of the amazing prizes mentioned above still perfectly fits who you are, then you can Design Your Own Lifestyle! This flexible first prize option gives you the chance to pick and choose the prizes that you want to win. This prize has a value of $550,000 in total.

You can craft your winnings by selecting:

  • Lavish cars
  • Luxury Motorhomes
  • Functional Caravans and Family-sized Campers
  • Boats
  • Trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Farm machinery
  • Gift cards and many more!

The Design Your Own Lifestyle prize comes with $20,000 in cash and up to $450,000 in gold bullion to spend as you desire. Just imagine the myriad of choices that you can make that will change your life for the better! So, what are you still reading for? Buy your tickets right now!

What is the Most Popular Choice?

You might be wondering which of these four prizes has been the most popular for the previous winners of The Deaf Lottery. Well, the answer is – the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle Option! According to past winners, this choice provided them with the more financial freedom than the other three prize options. Some winners used the money to invest the gold bullion in stocks and shares. Some used it for their existing mortgages and used the rest to invest in their children’s future. So if you happen to be the next first prize winner, you will also have the opportunity to enrich your life in a way that is perfectly fit for you.

Don’t Forget these Important Dates

Keep these important dates in mind for the Deaf Lottery House Draw 158.

Closing date – July 10, 2016
Draw Date – July 14, 2016

The Deaf Lottery Draws are conducted at 467 Engoggera Road, Alderley, 4051 under strict QLD Government Licence and VIC permit Regulations. The first prize winner and other prize winners for Draw 158 will be notified through their phone numbers. The winners will also be notified via mail through their supplied postal address.

First prize winners have up to 14 days from the draw date to choose which of the first prize packages they want to receive.

Buy Your Ticket Today!

Here are the ticket prices for Draw 158. Tickets are sold at $2 each and come in books of $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 and $200. If you buy more tickets, you get the chance to win bigger prizes!

SpendReceiveBonus Prize
$200 — 100 TicketsEntry into the $30,000 VIP Draw + 10,500 chances to win a Prize + 100 chances to win 1st Prize$55,000 Gold Bullion
$100 — 50 Tickets5,250 chances to win a Prize + 50 chances to win 1st Prize$55,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Book — 25 Tickets2,625 chances to win a Prize + 25 chances to win 1st Prize$35,000 Gold Bullion
$30 Book — 15 Tickets1,575 chances to win a Prize + 15 chances to win 1st Prize$25,000 Cash
$20 Book — 10 Tickets1,050 chances to win a Prize + 10 chances to win 1st Prize$15,000 Gold Bullion
$10 Book — 5 Tickets500 chances to win a Prize + 5 chances to win 1st Prize$5,000 Gold Bullion

Other Prizes Up for Grabs

There is much more to be won when you participate in The Deaf Lottery’s draw. So even if miss out on the first prize, there are still these prizes to look forward to.

2nd to 100th Prizes

Did you think there would only be prizes for one ticket holder? Not in this Deaf Lottery Home Raffle! There are so many more rewards that you can win.

  • The 2nd prize winner gets $5,000 in form of Gift Cards
  • The 3rd prize winner gets $3,000 in Gift Cards
  • The 4th and 5th prize winners get $2,000 each in Gift Cards
  • The 6th and 10th prize winners get $1,000 each in Gift Cards
  • The 11th to 100th prize winners get $200 each in Gift Cards

Full-Time Bonus Draw

If you order $20 worth of tickets or more before Midnight of July 10, 2016 AEST, you get automatically entered to the Full-Time Draw. There are five $2,000 Gift Cards or Travel vouchers to be won in the Full-Time Draw.

Half-Time Bonus Draw

If you purchase $20 worth of tickets or more before Midnight of June 26, 2016 AEST, you get automatic entries into the Half-Time Bonus Draw. There are five $2,000 Gift Cards or Eftpos Gift Cards to be won in this bonus draw.

Kick-Off Bonus Draw

If you purchase your tickets before Midnight of June 12, 2016, you get automatically entered into the special Kick-Off Bonus Draw! In this draw, there are five $2,000 Gift Cards or Eftpos Gift Cards to be won.

If you participate in the Kick-Off Bonus draw, you will also be automatically entered into the Full-Time Bonus Draw and the Half-Time Bonus draw. Remember that you need to purchase tickets worth $20 or more!

Online Buyer Draw

Save time and order more tickets online so that you can win extra prizes! The Online Buyer Draw gives you the chance to win an Apple Watch Plus a $20 iTunes Gift Card or an Eftpos Gift Card valued at $1,500 to spend as you please.

About The Deaf Lottery

The Deaf Lottery is a fundraising program that aims to assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The Deaf Lottery takes pride in supporting comprehensive ‘end to end’ services for the deaf community at all stages of their life.

When you buy a ticket for the lottery draws, you help fund the vital services of Deaf Services Queensland. Some of their programs include:

  • Auslan interpreting and translations
  • Community Auslan (Australian Sign Language) classes
  • Independent living support for deaf people with additional disabilities
  • Dynamic workshops and mentoring for deaf community members
  • Ageing well services

The Deaf Lottery has also recently announced that it is going to extend support to early intervention services for deaf and hard of hearing children aged from 0-7 years. These early childhood development programs employ Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to work with Education professionals – including Teachers of the Deaf – to provide children with individual or group therapy support. Through your participation, the Deaf Lottery is able to support the life journey of individuals who need it most.