Last year, for the Christmas Draw (161), Deaf Lottery increased the First Prize Value to a Whopping $600,000. Well, I'm super pleased to tell you, they've done it again! If you are holding the Winning Ticket, you Win $600,000 and you get to choose how you spend it! Tickets sold fast in the Christmas Draw and they will sell fast in the New Year Draw 162 as well. And why wouldn't they? The Prize choices are outstanding and your odds of Winning are even better, with only 1,350,000 tickets being sold in Draw No 162. Tickets sell very fast, so don't miss out. You can Secure Your Tickets Now and ensure that you are in with chances to be holding the Winning ticket when the Winners are Drawn.

More importantly, you can be confident in knowing that funds raised go to supporting Deaf Services Queensland to provide essential services to the deaf and hard of hearing and broader community. Services and programs like; interpreting and translation, workshop and mentoring, independent living support for deaf people with other disabilities. Deaf Services Queensland recently announced a new service, specifically for children, called 'Hear for Kids', which delivers therapy, support, and early intervention for children aged 0-7 years old. Continued support from generous people like you, provides crucial resources for the organisation's vision to create communication opportunities for all people who are deaf and hard of hearing,

Dates to Remember

Lottery No. 162 Ticket sales close 12th February 2017. Only 1,350,000 tickets will be sold.

The Winners will be Drawn on 16th February 2017. The Draw will take place at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley QLD 4051 at 2.00pm AEST. Members of the public are invited to attend the draw. The 1st Prize Winner will be contacted on the mobile/phone number they supplied when they Purchased Tickets. All Prize Winners will be notified by mail. Results will also be published here online, around Thursday 16th February 2017 just after 6.00pm AEST

Win Big with Deaf Lottery's HUGE NEW YEAR Draw!

Are your New Year's resolutions set in stone yet? Just think, they could be set in Gold Bullion! There's 4 sensational 1st Prize Packages, each valued at $600,000 to choose from. With options galore, you will be celebrating the New Year, like never before, you could be paying off your home, or building a new home, for you and your loved ones. You could be connecting with the world around you, while you hit the road and travel around Australia's vast coastal regions, or inland to some of Australias most popular sight-seeing destinations. Or you could set sail and travel to locations you would never have even dreamed of before winning Deaf Lottery's 1st Prize Package. All up Deaf Lottery 162 has a total Prize Pool Value of $776,700 and with tickets starting at just $2 they represent such great value, for what you can Win.

Let's take a closer look at what the Winners choices are with $600,000 1st Prize Package. You could get to choose between;

Mortgage Buster Lifestyle. Enjoy financial peace of mind;

If You Win and get to spend $600,000. By selecting this Prize, you will spend a minimum of $30,000 deposit on a car or cars, you could test drive some real beauties before you make your final selection/s, and you will receive up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 cash, to a total Value of $600,000. You could carry out some renovations on your own home with the extra cash. You could put your children into private school, move closer to your family. This Win opens so many choices for you to improve your lifestyle with the Prize Package that offers you the most fulfilment.

Get Away Lifestyle; Roam the Country in Style.

If You Win and get to spend $600,000. By selecting this Prize, you will spend a minimum Deposit of $80,000 on either a brand new motorhome or a caravan of your choice and a 4WD. These days Motorhomes and caravans demonstrate the great research that has gone into creative and innovative space saving solutions and how to fit in as many features as possible, while also keeping the overall weight down. You also win up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 cash, to a total Value of $600,000. You could almost circumnavigate Australia's beautiful Coastal Regions or head inland to visit some of Australia's most popular Tourist destinations.

Investment or Lifestyle; Customise to suit your dream lifestyle.

If You Win and get to spend $600,000, By selecting this Prize, you will have a minimum Deposit of $80,000 to invest into a New Home or and Investment Property. You can build on your own land, or you could select a fantastic house and land Package from Metricon, or their partners, anywhere you like. You can move closer to family, or closer to the city for work, so you don't have to commute so far, you also receive up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 cash, to a total Value of $600,000.

Design your own Lifestyle; Your Prizes Done Your Way.

If You Win and get to spend $600,000, By selecting this Prize, you will have a minimum $80,000 to spend on your selection of car, motorhome, boat, travel, Farm equipment, a payment on your mortgage, or a deposit on a new home, whatever suits you and your new lifestyle, you also receive up to $500,000 in Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 cash. You can literally buy anything that suits your lifestyle up to the value of $600,000 and Deaf /Lottery will pick up the Tab.

There are also 158 more chances to win in Draw number 162

To enter these additional Prize pools, purchase $20 or more in consecutive tickets, before the closing day of the Prize Draws. Buy your tickets before Midnight AEST 15.01.17, to be eligible for all three draws.

Online Rewards Prize Draw.

Order Your Tickets online before Midnight AEST on 12.02.17 for Your chance to win an iPhone 7 and an $80 iTunes Gift Card- Or an EFTPOS gift card worth $1500.

Early Bird Prize Draws.

Order Tickets before Midnight AEST on 15.01.17, to be eligible for even more prizes; There is $30,000 Worth of prizes will be won, including either Travel or EFTPOS Gift Cards worth $2,000

Kick off Draw

5 Prizes Worth $2,000 Travel Cards or EFTPOS Gift Cards (Total $10,000), will be won. Simply Order your Tickets before Midnight AEST on 15.01.17

Half Time Prize Draw

5 Prizes Worth $2,000 Travel Cards or EFTPOS Gift Cards (Total $10,000), will be won. Simply Order your Tickets before Midnight AEST on 29.01.17

Full-Time Draw

5 Prizes Worth $2,000 Travel Cards or EFTPOS Gift Cards (Total $10,000), will be won. Simply Order your Tickets before Midnight AEST on 15.01.17

2nd to 100th Prizes

2nd Prize: An EFTPOS Gift Card worth $5,000

3rd Prize: An EFTPOS Gift Card worth $3,000

4th and 5th Prizes: An EFTPOS Gift Card worth $2,000 ($4,000 in total)

6th to 10th: Prizes: An EFTPOS Gift Card worth $1,000 ($5,000 in total)

11th to 100th: An EFTPOS Gift Card worth $200 ($18,000 in total)

A Book of Tickets increases your chances of winning even more 

Ticket Purchase PricesNumber of Chances to Win 1st PrizeNumber of chances to Win a PrizeBonus Book Buyers Prizes
$2 Ticket1 chance to win 1st Prize100 chances to Win a Prize 
$10 Book purchase5 Chances to Win 1st Prize500 Chances to Win a Prize$5,000 Worth of Gold Bullion
$20 Book purchase10 Chances to Win 1st Prize1050 Chances to Win a Prize$15,000 Worth of Gold Bullion
$30 Book purchase15 Chances to Win 1st Prize1,575 Chances to Win a Prize$25,000 Cash
$50 Book purchase25 Chances to Win 1st Prize2,625 Chances to Win a Prize$35,000 Cash
$100 Book purchase50 Chances to Win 1st Prize5,250 Chances to Win a Prize. $55,000 Worth of Gold Bullion
$200 Book Purchase100 Chances to Win 1st Prize10,500 Chances to Win a Prize$55,000 Worth of Gold Bullion, plus entry into the $30,000 VIP Draw.

The sheer number of prizes you can win if you buy tickets in this Deaf Lotter is amazing, and the more tickets you buy, the better your chances are of Winning and Winning BIG! If you do the sums yourself, you will see how short the odds are of winning, it really is outstanding odds and therefore value. And the earlier you Buy your Tickets, the more draws you are eligible to win. It doesn't get much better than that!

Why Buy Tickets? Your Generosity goes to a highly worthy cause.

The Deaf Lottery is a fundraising program that supports the ongoing programs and initiatives that the Deaf Services Queensland undertake. Through community engagement and development, one on one care and group support, residential support and mentoring, Deaf Services Qld perform many fundamental achievements, which empower many people through the provision of information, resources, referrals and advocacy. The community value of their efforts is enormous.

We wish you all the very best with your Tickets, may you be holding the winning one. xox