How do we help Deaf Services Queensland to continue their specialised services within our communities?

Your support combines with the support of other generous citizens, which provide the funding Deaf Services Queensland rely on to continue their specialised work with deaf and hard of hearing members of our community regardless of whether they are young or old.

Deaf Services connect and empower clients to learn essential communication techniques, together with those around them and will continue with services and programs to the broader deaf and hard of hearing community, through engagement and development.

Win the prize package of your choice and enjoy the benefits offered by Deaf Lottery draw 165.

Our team at PrizeLink get such a kick out of bringing you the very best award programs that our charities provide, to entice you to act on your concern and vote with your pocket to provide funding to support their worthwhile needs within our broad communities across Australia.

Deaf Lottery doesn’t just have their hand out though, they offer you an astounding 170 chances to share in their prize-pool for lucky supporters, as a thank you for the role you play in providing much-needed services and resources for those in need.

We’re super pleased to present to you, the latest Deaf Lottery Draw, No 165, with a Total Prize Pool of $787,700. If you are the lucky winner of the 1st prize, you get to select "Your favourite Dream Lifestyle" from “4 Divine Lifestyle prize packages” in Deaf Lottery Draw 165.

There are some fantastic ideas here, to

You are inspired to think wondrous, to think outside of your current financial capacity, to think luxury, opportunity and perhaps think about what it is that winning will enable you to do for others.

You will have the opportunity to design the lifestyle that appeals to you the most. It will be completely up to you what your lifestyle will look like and how you will celebrate your win.

If money was not an issue, what would your ideal lifestyle look and feel like?

You or your loved one could give up work, a win could enable you to care for a loved one, rather than them relying on others. You could follow your career dream, especially if that means that you may need to extensively study, do an apprenticeship or significant training.

You could take on full-time study or establish a workshop required to start your dream business.

Or you may simply be enabled to visit loved family members who, up until your win, the closest you could get was a skype call, where you could see their body language and facial gestures as you catch up with each other’s latest news.

Ultimately we are each individual and what will appeal to each of us will be completely different to the next person, that’s why the team at Deaf Lottery is so smart, by allowing you to decide what is best for you.

The 1st and Major Prize is $600,000, even better, there are 169 other Divine prizes totalling an additional $187,700.

Tickets are only $2 each and the maximum number of tickets to be sold is 1,350,000. With this many prizes up for grabs, these $2 tickets disappear at break speed pace.

So you do need to beat the pack, to purchase your tickets.

For just $2, you can purchase a Deaf Lottery Ticket and.... All could be Yours!

The 1st prize package is worth a massive $600,000, just $2 could provide you with the freedom to choose your ideal daily life, not the daily life you must endure, just to make ends meet. This can have such a tremendous impact on your zest for life.

Deaf Lottery has compiled these fabulous options for your enjoyment.

  1. Mortgage Buster Lifestyle- Can you imagine what a homeowners, mortgage-free lifestyle looks like? You can reap the rewards of homeownership, by being able to save your earnings and investing in income producing investments.

  2. Investment or Lifestyle: This is your opportunity to discover your dream home, whether you build with Metricon or purchase one of their select house and land packages.

  3. Getaway Lifestyle: Offers you the chance to enjoy a life of travel. Travel to distant lands and learn about the world around you.

  4. Design your own lifestyle: Live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of

You can choose to live the life you deserve, but couldn’t afford, before your win.

These fantastic four first prizes choices, present you with the opportunity to decide for yourself what your ideal winner’s lifestyle looks like and feels like. As the Draw 165 winner, you are in the driver’s seat of your future.

What excites us more is that there are another 169 people who will enjoy a windfall that will make their day, their week, their month or their year, as they share in $187,700 in sensational prizes on offer!

What impresses us at Prizelink, is that while Deaf Lottery raises essential funds, they provide thousands of households with windfalls each year. While Deaf Services quietly go about their work providing resources and essential services, such as providing deaf and hearing impaired clients with access to one on one care, assisting clients to learn, to develop skills, confidence and resilience and growing their emotional tools to feel connected with those around them.

Maximise your chances of winning with Deaf Lottery.

By purchasing multiple tickets, you can vastly increase your chances of winning. There will only be 1,350,000 tickets sold in Deaf Lottery draw 165, with 170 opportunities for you win great prizes. If you do win 1st Prize and are a multiple ticket buyer, you will also win the additional prizes outlined in the table below.

Ticket Table;

Tickets Cost $2

Number of Tickets

Possibility to Win Prizes

Additional Prizes For purchasing multiple tickets and winning 1st Prize

$2 Ticket

1 chance to win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 100

$10 Book

5 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 500

$5,000 Additional Gold Bullion

$20 Book

10 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 1050

$15,000 Additional Gold Bullion

$30 Book

15 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 1,575

$25,000 Additional Cash

$50 Book

25 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 2,625

$35,000 Additional Gold Bullion

$100 Book

50 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 5,250

$55,000 Additional Gold Bullion

$200 Book

100 Chances to Win 1st Prize

Chances to Win a Prize 10,500

$55,000 Additional Gold Bullion, plus entry into the $30,000 VIP Draw.

Keep these draw dates handy.

Deaf Lottery No 165 ticket sales will close July 9th, 2017. Winners will be Drawn on July 13th, 2017. The Draw will be conducted at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley QLD 4051 at 2 pm and the public are invited to attend.

The First Prize Winner to be contacted by phone. All Prize Winners to be notified by mail. Results will also be published here on July 13th, 2017 just after 6.00pm AEST.

First Prize Winner will also receive any additional eligible prizes determined by multiple tickets purchased, as listed in Table below.Ticket sales are limited to 1,350,000.

Here is a more detailed look at our 4- 1st Prize Options….

We each have our own unique individuality and with this, our values and what we hold close matter more to us than any other person.

That is what makes the choice between four option such a fabulous way to present the very best windfall we could hope for, because as the winner, we get to weigh up our options and select their most urgent need is to make the sacrifices required and earn the income required to provide private schooling for your kids.

Whether you have knuckled down, you are content to live in an average house and forego some of life’s excitement, in your commitment to accumulate assets, in particular, an investment property to provide for you and your loved ones into the future and throughout your retirement.

Or whether you value culturally enriching experiences, learning about other cultures and exploring their traditions.

Deaf Lottery thought of that! And here’s what they’ve come up with:

Mortgage Buster Lifestyle.

Choice #1

Let your dreams become your reality, at a time in your life when you have worked so hard to make things work, to meet bills as they come in, to pay for unexpected costs, yet still try to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures, shared with those closest to you.

You don’t like to complain or share your concerns about how hard it can be to make ends meet, because you know we all have our struggles and believe that you are no worse off than the next person.

How good would it be to be in a position where you can go for a look at a few cars that appeal to you, you may already have one in mind that you admire, or you may suppress those thoughts, because you feel that a new car would be selfish or something that you consider extravagant.

Winning First prize gives you the opportunity to put yourself first and test drive some new cars. You deserve to treat yourself, you are important too, you put a lot of effort in, for those around you.

Your needs are important to and you will feel like a whole new person when you drive this new car, pulling up at home, pulling up at the lights, pulling up at your friend’s place or even at work. You will love every minute in your new car and best of all, you won’t feel any guilt whatsoever.

With a car purchase out of the way, you can now focus on paying your home loan down. Or if you are not already paying your own home off, then you are going to absolutely love looking for your dream home. Metricon would be able to assist you to build a home that meets all your needs and desires.

By choosing this Prize, you get a New Car or Cars worth a minimum of $30,000.

And you get up to $550,000 worth of Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 worth of cash, to a total prize worth $600,000.

Getaway Lifestyle. Wake up in a new destination.

Choice #2

Travel is something we aspire to as teenagers, some of us are lucky enough to have the confidence to venture afar at that young age, whether that was after working two jobs and saving madly, living under mum and dad’s roof to keep living expenses down, or working two jobs and living as frugally as possible.

Sheesh, some of us would have been that keen to do any or all of the above to head on an adventure overseas.

That is probably where the similarities finish.

Our notions of ideal accommodation are quite different, while to some of us think camping is the ultimate link with nature, others think that a hostel/ backpackers accommodation, is a fantastic way to meet new people and discover other unusual locations they could explore that they would never read about in glossy travel magazines.

Some of us found that life got a bit in the way of our travel aspirations, for lots of different reasons, many have managed to get away once in awhile, even if it wasn’t their dream trip away. A few managed to find the opportunities to explore exotic locations and stay in 4 or 5-star accommodation.

Your ideal destination could very well be at your fingertips, you could flick through that glossy travel magazine and go to any number of locations and still not make a dent in your winnings.

Deaf lottery Draw 165 offers you the chance to fulfil your travel dreams.

By choosing this Prize, you receive a minimum deposit worth $80,000

You will also receive up to $500,000 worth of Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 worth of cash, up to a total prize worth $600,000

Investment or Lifestyle

Choice #3

Can you remember the last time you went to a development display village, where you walk down both sides of the street and offer each agent as little detail as possible, while you try to sneak unseen, through their office, to look through the display home to discover the latest trends that connect with you that you may like to copy in your own home or designs that would suit your family’s needs.

Well as the 1st place winner, you don’t have to try to sneak past the gatekeepers. You can entertain as many sales personnel as you require, in order to discover the latest trends and design ideas that you love and would use in your own home.

Metricon are quality builders with a great deal of experience in bringing families new home dreams and aspirations to life.

By choosing this Prize, you get a minimum deposit of $80,000, towards either building a new home with Metricon, which may be in a new estate, or you could have land that you haven’t been able to build on yet.

You will also get up to $500,000 worth of Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 worth of cash, to a total prize worth $600,000

Design your own lifestyle.

Choice #4

As the winner you don’t need to feel like you can only choose between buying cars, buying or paying off a house or travel. The Deaf Lottery concept is to offer you true freedom of choice. You are free to choose any combination of prizes that appeal to you.

Have you ever dreamt of living on a yacht that would allow you to navigate around the world or live in a houseboat in calm water?

Perhaps you are happy to own a houseboat to rent out to holidaymakers and each morning you will deliver fresh bread and milk and the daily newspaper, that would be pretty good money.

You may have dreamt of becoming a landlord, you would have tenants rent helping you to pay off the property, perhaps when you have enough equity in it, you would be able to buy a property to live in yourself.

You may have dreamt for years about turning your passion into a business that will sustain you and your loved ones for years to come. Perhaps for you, that dream is to run a nursery, perhaps you have a knack for growing seedlings, perhaps it’s orchids, cacti or tropical plants.

Perhaps you love fashion and would love nothing more than to own two or three dress boutiques, where you can supply different sectors of the market, from basic wardrobe essentials to high-class designer brands that attract deep pockets.

Your passion could lie in wanting to establish a swimming school, where you can teach parents essential life-saving skills in case there is (knock on wood) an incident with their own home pool. Then you can provide children as young as 6 weeks how to feel comfortable around water, to feel confident around water, to learning advanced swimming techniques.

Imagine having $600,000 to spend on any combinations of prizes you like?

By choosing this Prize, you receive a minimum deposit worth $80,000 to spend or invest as you see fit.

Depending on how much you spend, You will also get up to $500,000 worth of Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 worth of cash, up to a total prize worth $600,000

The odds of winning a prize when there are 170 up for grabs is compelling.

Apart from the 1st major prize winner, there are 169 other, I’d personally call any prize over $1,000 a major prize. This being the case, I could safely say that Deaf Lottery draw 165 has 10 major prizes because each of the first 10 winning ticket holders will receive a minimum of $1,000.

169 lucky ticket holders, will share in $187,700 worth of Cash (MasterCards debit Cards) and Vouchers.

Even better, if your ticket number is drawn and you win a prize, your ticket goes back in the barrel and you have the opportunity to win a further prize with that same ticket.

The trick to being eligible for the most prizes is to purchase your tickets early.

Winners 1 to 100 here is what You can Win;

2nd Prize Winner: A MasterCard Debit Card worth $5,000

3rd Prize Winner: A MasterCard Debit Card worth $3,000

4th and 5th Prize Winners: MasterCard Debit Cards worth $2,000 each ($4,000 total prize pool)

6th to 10th Prize Winners: MasterCard Debit Cards worth $1,000 each ($5,000 total prize pool)

11th to 100th Prize Winners: MasterCard Debit Cards worth $200 each ($18,000 total prize pool)

Online Ticket Buyers Rewards Prize

Purchase your tickets online and you could win a Hisense 4K OHD Smart LED LCD TV or MasterCard Debit Card- $1,500

The Deaf Lottery Draw 165, Early Bird Prize Draws

To be eligible for all three Early Bird Prize Draws, to win one of 15 Travel or MasterCard Credit Cards worth $2,000 (Total $30,000), all you have to do, is buy at least a $20 book of Tickets before June 11th, 2017.

You can win other fantastic prizes as outlined below;

Kick off Draw Prizes

Win one of 5 Travel or MasterCard Credit Cards worth $2,000 (Total $10,000)

To be eligible for the Kick Off Draw, all you have to do is purchase at least $20 in a ticket book before midnight on June 11th, 2017.

The Half Time Early Bird Draw

Win one of 5 Half Time Early Bird Draw, prizes which are; Travel or MasterCard Credit Cards worth $2,000 (Total $10,000)

To be eligible for the Half Time Early Bird Draw, all you have to do is purchase at least $20 in a ticket book before midnight on June 25th, 2017.

The Full-Time Early Bird Draw

Purchase your tickets before Midnight on July 9th, 2017, to qualify for one of 5 Prizes; Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards worth $2,000 each Totalling $10,000

Promotion Code Draw

Win one of 3 prizes worth $200, totalling $600.Find your promotion code in the bottom hand corner of the Deaf Lottery promotional brochure and quote it when you are purchasing your tickets.

From our crew, here at PrizeLink, we wish all the best to you and yours and the very best of luck PL