On those long afternoons at the office, everyone’s got a plan for what they’ll do with their lottery winnings. For some, that dream involves world travel and fabulous new adventures. For others, it’s about finally getting rid of the mortgage and having the money to live a little. Maybe you’re even thinking about a sporty convertible or your own luxury motorhome.

Whatever your fantasy lifestyle, you can make it all come true with draw #167 of the Deaf Lottery. Here are the life changing decisions you’ll soon be having to make if your ticket is drawn in October.

Do You Want to Design Your Ideal Home?

The first option will have you pouring over plans and designs from Metricon, the builders that will help you refine the details of your custom-built home. You’ll start with a base of $80,000 and can then spend up to another $500,000 in gold bullion adding all the features you can think of. To top it all off, you’ll receive $20,000 in cash to help with the furnishings and electricals.

Anything you don’t spend on the house is yours to keep. Build your investment portfolio or take that trip of a lifetime while you’re waiting to move. What you do with the rest of your winnings is entirely up to you.

Would You Prefer a Matching Set of Mercedes Convertibles?

Paying off the mortgage will no longer be a distant goal for the winner of draw #167. A second option involves doing just that with the windfall, but not before taking the time to collect a new luxury vehicle.

You’ll have a minimum of $30,000 to spend on the car (or cars) of your choice. How much you spend beyond that will depend of your new lifestyle and the amount you want to keep for the other fine things in life. Once you’ve cleared the mortgage, you may want to take a trip, help other family members, or add to your retirement fund. Along with your new car, you’ll have up to $550,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to pay the bills, see the world, and kiss your financial worries goodbye.

Taking It on the Road Sounds Good Too

If you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to just take off and see where the open road takes you, you can certainly find out with this amazing first prize package. Shop for a new truck and caravan combination, or go for the full motorhome with a starting budget of $80,000. Spend as much as you want on the perfect vehicle to take you on a cross-country adventure you’ll never forget.

Whatever’s left of your $500,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash can be used to finance your travels or be tucked away for a rainy day. Given your new carefree lifestyle, however, we doubt that there will be too many of those in your immediate future.

Have it All with Your Own Pick of the Prizes

If you can’t make up your mind whether you want a house, a car or a caravan, you can have it all with the fourth $600,000 option. This lets you design your own lifestyle with an attractive combination of prizes, gold bullion and cash.

You’ll start by spending at least $80,000 on some type of vehicle or farm machinery. That could be a motorhome, luxury car, tractor, motorbike or boat. You’ll then have up to $500,000 in gold bullion to shape the rest of your unique lifestyle. The $20,000 in cash will keep you happy until you figure out exactly what to do with your winnings, and should cover the cost of a very nice bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

Important Dates

October 15th, 2017: Deaf Lottery Draw #167 closes.

October 19th, 2017: The draw will be held at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley QLD 4051, at 2:00pm AEST. You are invited to attend in person if you want to watch.

Winners are contacted by phone and mail, and you can see a full list of all winners on this site once the draw has been completed.

Other Prizes to Look Forward To

2ND PRIZE $5,000 MasterCard Debit Card
3RD PRIZE $3,000 MasterCard Debit Card
4TH & 5TH PRIZES $2,000 MasterCard Debit Cards
6TH – 10TH PRIZES $1,000 MasterCard Debit Cards
11TH – 100TH PRIZES $200 MasterCard Debit Cards

Don’t Forget the Early Bird Prizes

Get your tickets by 17 September 2017 to get in on all the early bird draws. The kick off draw is giving away 5 Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards, each worth $2,000.

The half-time draw offers another 5 at $2,000 each for those who purchase their tickets by midnight on October 1st, 2017.

Everyone in on the main draw has a chance of winning the third set of 5 Travel or MasterCard Debit Cards which will be drawn at the same time as the $600,000 first prize.

To be eligible for these bonus draws, you must purchase a minimum of $20 in consecutive tickets by the noted deadlines.

Purchase Your Ticket Books Early

Get your ticket books now, for a minimum of $20, to secure your place in all of the draws. You’ll not only increase your odds of winning a new fantasy lifestyle, but be eligible to collect additional gold bullion.

Tickets Start from just $2Buy a book of tickets for more chances to Win the Big PrizeMore chances to Win PrizesBonus Prizes For 1st Prize Winner.
$2 Ticket1 chance to win 1st Prize100 chances to Win a Prize
$10 Book purchase5 Chances to Win 1st Prize500 Chances to Win a Prize$5,000 in Gold Bullion
$20 Book purchase10 Chances to Win 1st Prize1050 Chances to Win a Prize$15,000 in Gold Bullion
$30 Book purchase15 Chances to Win 1st Prize1,575 Chances to Win a Prize$25,000 Cash
$50 Book purchase25 Chances to Win 1st Prize2,625 Chances to Win a Prize$35,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Book purchase50 Chances to Win 1st Prize5,250 Chances to Win a Prize. $55,000 in Gold Bullion
$200 Book Purchase100 Chances to Win 1st Prize10,500 Chances to Win a Prize$55,000 Gold Bullion, plus entry into the $30,000 VIP Draw.

Thank You for Your Support

Australia’s deaf and hard of hearing community depends on the services that your contribution to the Deaf Lottery will help support. Thank you for purchasing tickets, and we hope you’ll soon be enjoying the financial freedom of your new dream lifestyle.