The Deaf Lottery Australia brings you an opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine winning a draw where you get to choose your own prize!

These four incredible options include a variety of offers like lifestyle packages, vehicles, vacations, and much more. The total worth of a single prize is a whopping $850,000! The total home prize is worth $800,000, with an additional $20,000 in cash.

You can choose to spend this money however you like it! Like going on a luxurious vacation. All you need to do it participate with a ticket available as cheaply as $2.

However, there are many amazing prizes, so let’s find out what is included in this total prize pool of $1,007,000.

You get to choose your own prize!

There are four fantastic options the winner can choose their prize from. The first is an attractive investment or a lifestyle change in their dream home in partnership with Metricon!

The second option is to own a vehicle of your dreams. If you are someone who loves cars, then this is without a doubt the best option for you!

The third option offers you a fantastic mortgage-free life in your own motor home! Imagine living wherever you please and driving away to the next location whenever you like! Caravans and motor homes are an adventure of their own!

Lastly, the final option is to create a prize that seems fit for you. You can choose from a different variety of partners and sponsors to get a custom made plan for yourself.

Investment or lifestyle

Your $850,000 win can turn into your dream home. Deaf lottery Australia has partnered up with Metricon so you can own your own land and have the house of your dreams.

The La Pyrenee is a stunning estate. It features 5 bedrooms and a master suite that is made to give you a luxurious experience.

It is excellent for larger families and is great if you have friends and relatives over a lot! The house is inspired by French baroque influences and is extremely pleasing to explore.

You can view the interior and exterior of the house on our website. Explore the small features like the Walk-in wardrobe, the theater, the beautiful staircases, the sitting area, and the other master bedrooms.

Similarly, you can have a good look at the exterior of the house, where you will find a beautiful pool along with white aesthetics.

Mortgage Buster

If you are a person who loves life on the road, then this option is a perfect fit for you! Drive off into the sunset with your beautiful car worth $850,000 with an additional $20,000 in cash.

You can choose to go on a vacation, a long road trip with whichever car you want! Maybe investing in a vintage model or the more modern cutting-edge vehicles.

Getaway Lifestyle

If you’re not the one for cars, then you can always get your own mobile home or a caravan! Imagine living in different cities, enjoying road trips, and never having to worry about a mortgage!

Enjoy your Fiat Ducato Campervan- where you can move from place to place, enjoy and explore whatever city you go to. You can even choose to settle down in a place if you like it. It is definitely a fun prize and great for thrill-seekers.

Design your own!

This lottery is one of a kind! It offers you to design a custom fit prize for yourself. If you aren’t into spending your money on real estate and vehicles, then create a plan for yourself!

The possibilities are endless with what you want to do with the allotted cash prize! Deaf lottery Australia offers vouchers for motor vehicles, motorhomes, marine crafts, different kinds of travel vouchers, caravans, campers motorbikes, and much more!

Save the Dates!

If you plan to participate in this draw, then circle some important dates on your calendar. It is important to know the dates on which the draw closes and the dates on which it takes place!

The sale of tickets closes on 15th December 2019. So make sure you secure a ticket well in advance! Tickets may also run out before the deadline. So the earlier you respond, the better for you.

In fact, there is an early bird discount that you can avail of as well. If you get your tickets before Midnight AEST 17th November 2019, then you are up for the first bird prize!

It offers 5x $2,000 Cash prizes to the people who participate! However, you do need to purchase a minimum value of $20 worth of tickets.

Lastly, the draw is announced at 6:00 PM AEST 9th December 2019. All the winners announced and are notified either by phone or a registered mail system. The draw also takes place publicly, and you are welcome to come to visit.

The draw takes place 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley QLD 4051, at 11:00 am AEST. Later the winners are uploaded on our website as well.

Secure your tickets right away

The great part about this lottery is that it offers you tickets as cheap at $2. If you purchase 10 tickets and above, you can win from $5000 gold millions up to $30,000 cashable gold bullions.

So the more tickets you buy, the more your chance of scoring a bigger bonus gold prize and of course, increases the chances of you scoring the grand prize!

Ticket Book costNo. Of ticketsBonus Gold Prize
$10 Ticket Book5 TicketsNo Bonus Gold
$20 Ticket Book10 Tickets$5000 Gold Bullion
$30 Ticket Book15 Tickets$10,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Ticket Book25 Tickets$20,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Ticket Book50 Tickets$30,000 Gold Bullion
$200 Ticket Book100 Tickets$30,000 Gold Bullion