Are you ready to live the lifestyle of your choice? Simply support this amazing charity and get yourself a ticket for the Deaf Lottery Prize Home Draw 186. The winner of this draw will be presented with 4 prize options to choose between.

Walk away with your ultimate prize package tailored to your desires. When you enter this draw, your money goes towards Deaf Services. They are a not-for-profit who help deaf and hard of hearing Australians with critical services and programs.

Whoever is lucky enough to be the winner of this prize, will be able to choose between these 4 options:

  1. Investment and Lifestyle
  2. Mortgage Buster
  3. Getaway Lifestyle
  4. Design Your Own

While it’s a dream for many people in Australia to build their very own home, it can take a lifetime to save for it. It is expensive and unattainable for many hardworking Australians. This could all change for you if you win and choose the Investment and Lifestyle prize. Then you’ll get to build your own new home.

If that’s not your thing, you could also opt to go for an incredible car, the perfect getaway, or create the prize package you want. Each prize is worth up to $800,000.

Prize Options

There’s a lot you could do with $800,000, which is what first prize is worth. Maybe you’ve always wanted a motorhome to get away from it all and live a nomadic lifestyle. Or perhaps you’re more drawn to luxurious cars or wish you could build a home. For the first prize winner, this is within reach. When the prize is drawn on Thursday 9 July, will you discover that the lucky winner is you?

Investment or Lifestyle

The house included in the Investment or Lifestyle option is one that Metricon has designed. You will get to be involved in the design phase and make customisation choices to create a home that is all yours. Metricon has more than 40 years’ experience in home building so they are true professionals who will create an incredible home for you.

The Home

This 2-storey, 5-bedroom home is truly massive. There are not only 5 bedrooms but also 3 living areas and a study. This provides plenty of space for a playroom, guest room, or craft room. Whatever your passion, you can create your own space for it in this home.

Your room is likely to be the master suite. It features a large ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. You get your own private door onto the deck. There are many cool modern features that you can select, which turns the room into something special.

The downstairs area is largely open plan, including the lounge, dining area, and kitchen. It’s full of light and feels very spacious. The kitchen is enormous, with a butler’s pantry and enough space to have a few people cooking at once.

While you may choose this prize package, you don’t have to move into the property. You could net yourself a tidy sum by renting it out, or you could always sell it.

Mortgage Buster

Buying a car is something that many people put off until their current model is on its last legs. It doesn’t get prioritised due to other financial concerns. Treat yourself with this prize package as it will allow you to select your ideal car. Whether it’s a luxury sportscar, a family wagon, or an off-roader, you get to choose.

You will receive $30,000 to spend on a car and you can add to it with the $20,000 cash or $750,000 gold you also receive. Regardless of which car you wish you could buy; you’ll now be able to. And you’re likely to have plenty of money left over to pay off your mortgage or head off on holiday.

Getaway Lifestyle

Luxury caravans and motorhomes are a fantastic addition to the lifestyle of any family. They can enable you to get up and drive away on holiday at a moment’s notice. Enjoy road tripping in the height of luxury with one of these.

This prize package offers you up to $20,000 cash and $700,000 gold as well as money to purchase a wonderful motorhome or caravan.

You’ll never need to camp out again. Head out to a campsite but have a wonderful night’s sleep in a plush bed instead of on the ground.

Design Your Own

$800,000 could be all yours with the design your own package. It comes in the form of up to $700,000 gold and $20,000 cash. Then you’ll also receive $80,000 to spend on something of your choice – a motorbike, boat, travel, or a car.

By creating your own dream prize, it will be customised to what excites you. Whether you’ve always wanted to buy a convertible, or you have been eyeing up a boat for a long time, you’ll be able to get it! Perhaps the money you have leftover can go towards a home deposit or you can reinvest it.

Save the Date

Deaf Lottery Draw 186 is being drawn on Thursday 9 July 2020. This could be a lifechanging day for you! Grab your tickets now before they sell out. Entries are closed on Sunday 5 July 2020.

If you get yours before 14 June 2020, you’ll also land yourself into the early bird draw. This offers an extra $10,000 in prizes up for grabs, just for those who’ve spent more than $20 on consecutive early bird tickets.

Every ticket you purchase is another chance to win this wonderful prize. When you buy a 100 ticket book for $200, you get 100 entries in the draw for first prize. You’ll also get 11,000 chances of winning another prize.

Support Deaf Australians

The money raised by this draw goes towards Deaf Services. This not-for-profit is passionate about assisting the deaf community in Australia. They use the money to allow them to continue all of the hard work they do.

Deaf Services run programs especially for deaf people and those who are hard of hearing. They run Australian Sign Language courses to enable communication for those who otherwise can’t communicate. They also provide early intervention for children who are hard of hearing. They do so much more than that too, but they can’t do it without your help.

When you spend your hard-earned money on a ticket, you are not only getting a chance at the top prize, but you are helping your fellow Australians.