Shape your destiny with Lottery 207 from Deaf Lottery, offering you the chance to win an incredible $800,000 prize. Embrace a stress-free lifestyle as you envision it, whether paying off your mortgage, driving away in a brand-new car, caravan, or motorhome, embarking on a well-deserved vacation, or renovating your cherished family home. The possibilities are boundless, and this could be your chance to make your dreams a reality.

Supporting the Deaf Community:

By participating in the Deaf Lottery, you also contribute to Deaf Connects commitment to supporting the Deaf ecosystem. Your contribution is vital in empowering the Australian Deaf community through grants and sponsorships, fostering genuine and meaningful growth. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets for Draw 207 today!

Draw 207 Prize Options:

You can select one of the following prizes if you are the lucky winner of Draw 207:

Prize 1 - Land and house

Settle into your dream home or explore lucrative rental market opportunities with a custom-built residence by the esteemed Metricon team.
Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash
Build your own home

Prize 2 - Enjoy the ride away

Imagine driving your dream car, wind in your hair, and your favourite tunes playing. As the fortunate recipient of the Drive Away Lifestyle prize, you have the incredible opportunity to select a brand-new car from the dealership tailored to your desired enhancements.

Up to $750,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash
New Dream Car

Prize 3 - Live the holiday lifestyle

Plan your next adventure with your choice of the expansive Jayco range. Whether it's a lap around Australia or a lifetime of long weekends, nothing beats the freedom of exploring in your own caravan, motorhome, or camper + 4WD.

Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash
New Caravan, Motorhome, Or Camper + 4WD

Prize 4 - Choose your lifestyle

Build your new life with $700,000 in your pocket to invest, spend, or enjoy as you please. You'll also have an additional $100,000 to fulfil a long-standing desire.

Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
Up to $20,000 Cash
Choose From A Variety Of Motor Vehicles, Marine Crafts, Or Travel Vouchers

Additional Prizes

The prize pool for Lottery 207 is $928,500, with 154 prizes.

Each Deaf Lottery campaign also offers additional prizes, including a share of $10,000 in our Early Bird Bonus Draw, as well as exclusive cash prizes every lottery for members of the Deaf Lottery VIP Club (consisting of Deaf Lottery supporters who order five or more tickets in each campaign through PayPal, credit card, direct debit or pay in advance for three or more consecutive campaigns through cheque or money order).

$10,000 Early Bird Bonus Draw - Win 1 of 5 x $2,000 eGift Cards! Closes on Sunday, 11 June.
7 x Weekly VIP Draws to win $1,000 eGift Cards (Five winners drawn each week).
3 x VIP Bonus Draws (1st = $20,000 Gold Bullion, 2nd = $10,000 Cash, 3rd = $5,000 Cash).

Important Information

The close date is 11:59 pm (AEST) on July 2, 2023, and the public draw will occur at 10 am (AEST) on July 6, 2023.