With a mere $2 investment, you have the opportunity to win one of four magnificent grand prizes in the Deaf Lottery. Picture cruising in the vehicle of your dreams, a stylish Jayco caravan in tow, as you set off for a luxurious journey through the uncharted wonders of Tasmania. But buying a ticket is more than just chasing splendour—it's a meaningful gesture of support.

The funds raised by the Deaf Lottery play a crucial role in empowering individuals, including the celebrated Deaf artist Gonketa, a respected icon in Australia's Deaf community.
Participating in the Deaf Lottery means you're on a path to both potential personal gain and certain philanthropy. Each ticket you purchase makes a significant impact—we extend our heartfelt hopes for your success in Deaf Lottery 212!

Draw 212 Prize Options:

Prize 1 - New Home, New You

Begin the journey to your dream home with the Deaf Lottery. Grab this opportunity to buy, build, or renovate with a contractor of your choice anywhere in Australia!

Step into the home you've long imagined or stake your claim in the lucrative rental market. Explore the detailed blueprint below and spark the blueprint of your future abode. Should you wish to reserve some funds, you have the option to take the remaining balance as a mix of gold and cash!

  • Build, buy or renovate your dream home
  • Up to $700,000 Gold Bullion
  • Up to $20,000 Cash

Prize 2 - Drive Away In Your Dream Ride

Envision the exhilaration of driving your ultimate car, feeling the breeze as you listen to your most loved tunes. With the Drive Away Lifestyle prize, you could select a brand-new, fully customised car from the showroom floor.

Yet, the rewards don't end with the open road – you'd also secure the financial flexibility to clear your mortgage or explore investment opportunities, thanks to a generous windfall of up to $750,000 in gold bullion and cash.

  • Drive away in your dream car!
  • Up to $750,000 gold bullion
  • Up to $20,000 cash

Prize 3 - Travel At Your Leisure

Select your ideal Jayco caravan, motorhome, or 4WD and pair it with up to $700k in gold, setting the stage for boundless family adventures. Whether it's embarking on epic cross-country expeditions or spontaneous weekend getaways, the choice is yours.

Enjoy the great outdoors in unparalleled comfort, and let this prize be the catalyst for fulfilling your wanderlust for years to come. With the luxury to travel in style to the far corners of our nation, your road trips will be defined by freedom and flair.

The decision is in your hands—will it be a caravan, motorhome, or a 4WD setup? Take the step to enter now for your chance to select from the premium Jayco range and secure the financial freedom to create a tapestry of travel memories with your loved ones.

  • Hit the road in a new caravan, motorhome or 4WD & camper
  • Up to $700,000 gold bullion
  • Up to $20,000 cash

Prize 4 - Your Complete Choice

Embrace the possibility of $700k to use as you see fit—invest, splurge, or savour it uniquely! Plus, revel in an additional $100k to indulge in whatever captures your fancy. Be it sleek motor vehicles, luxurious marine toys, or the dream vacation of a lifetime, the power of choice is in your hands!

The true value lies in the freedom to tailor your life to your exact preferences. Consider the doors now open to you, the potential of your tomorrow.

This exceptional draw offers a total of $800k, providing you with the means to shape your future exactly as you wish. Seize the moment and enter today for the chance to kickstart the next phase of your life just as you've imagined it. Craft your own narrative—the future is waiting for you to claim it!

  • Any combination of travel vouchers, motor vehicles, or marine craft
  • Up to $700,000 in gold bullion
  • Up to $20,000 cash

Important Information

Make sure to mark your calendar, as the deadline for submissions is promptly at 11:59 pm (AEST) on March 17th, 2024. The draw for Lottery 212 is scheduled as a public event, set to occur at 10:00 am (AEST) on March 21st, 2024, hosted at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderley, Queensland 4051. Don't miss your chance to be part of this exciting opportunity!