Most of us have an ideal home already thought of in our heads. A big room that’s cozy and comfy that overlooks a serene pool. A home where you have luxury, peace, and quiet! The Endeavour foundation lottery offers you the chance to win a gorgeous estate worth $1.3 million!

Imagine living just a 5-minute walk away from the beautiful sunshine coast and having the house of your dreams right across the road — a home with the comfort, beauty, and privacy that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

This grand prize of $1.3 Million includes a fully furnished home with electrical appliances. In addition to which winners will receive a $10,000 cashable gold bullion. Moreover, the price includes a 6-month security monitoring fees without any transfer of title or hidden costs!

If you plan to participate and put your luck to the test, let’s find out a little more about the gorgeous prize and how you can win!

Your Gorgeous Home near the coast

If you are somebody who enjoys the beautiful beach, then this place is definitely for you! This gorgeous estate is just 450 meters away from the nearest beach, popularly known as the Coolum beach on the sunshine coast!

There are many beach activities you can indulge in all year long. You can enjoy long walks by the Bay, camp out there at night or enjoy the breezy weather throughout the year. If you like adventure, then another option is to go surfing.

It is a beautiful vicinity to live in- especially if you have kids! They can enjoy activities like flying kites, riding their bikes, or taking a peaceful stroll near the coastline. There is a lot to do near the beach, if you aren’t fond of too much activity- you can just enjoy the sunset over the horizon.

What is excellent about this vicinity, is not just that it is engulfed in nature, but it is also convenient for the residents who live there! Apart from your resort-style home the areas nearby, too many shops cafes restaurants and market areas where you can get your day to day supplies conveniently!

You do not have to travel vast distances! Everything is in a convenient circle near your home. You can be at ease, without the hassle of traveling far.

A tour of your $1.3 Million Estate

Moving towards your own resort-style home, the outdoor area has a beautiful alfresco that looks over the pool. The serene lake gives you an excellent option for parties and cookouts! It is also complete with a Balinese style bar.

With a mix of both contemporary and natural elements all around the house, it makes it perfect and cozy for your entire family to enjoy. The architecture is designed in a way to make the spaces appear more prominent and comfortable.

The house has high ceilings and a lot of natural light! Almost all of the room are spacious and beautiful for you and your family to relax in! You could cozy up near the fireplace or enjoy some tea out in the garden.

Apart from that, the house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It is great to invite friends over as well. The house is fully furnished and has a comfortable aesthetic to it. In addition to that, it has a garage that can hold up to 2 cars you will definitely enjoy the ease and comfort that comes along with this gorgeous estate!

Moreover, there are private guest rooms with separate entrances and a private garden as well. You could always use this beautiful place as a holiday apartment an invite guests over for cookouts and dinners. The total living area is 231 m^2 with the large outer area of 45 m^2!

Features of the 23 Perry Street, Coolum Beach QLD 4573

Here are some of the fantastic features of your resort-style home:

  • The total area of the house is approximately 231 m^2 in living space
  • The total land size itself is 721 m^2
  • Single storied estate
  • The total price worth is $1.3 Million
  • It is a fully furnished house, well equipped with whatever you might need!
  • It has 3 spacious bedrooms
  • A personal study attached
  • There is a kitchenette between the bedrooms
  • It also has an interconnecting bath
  • The living space is huge, suitable for children.
  • There is also a gorgeous master suite with an attached bathroom
  • There is also a spacious dining area
  • There is a special built kitchen which looks towards the lounge
  • When you step outside, you see a gorgeous pool to relax in those hot summers
  • There is also an alfresco right looking over the pool area
  • Apart from that, there is a garage with a 2-car capacity!

Investment towards your future

There is a lot of opportunities if you win this grand deal. For starters, you can enjoy the house yourself. Move-in with your family or friends and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. However, if you don’t plan to move or shift to a new home- there are other options as well.

You could always use this beautiful location as a holiday house! Plan a getaway every month or so to enjoy the beautiful shore. Having such a beautiful vacation home is a dream of itself! Other than that, you can also rent out the place!

This house is worth $49,000 annual rent if furnished and $41,600 annual rent if unfurnished. A kind of opportunity you should definitely cash in on. This real estate market would give a fair rent for such a beautiful home.

If you ever need the house to yourself, you could always stop renting it out! It could generate you a steady income as well. If you find rental agreements a hassle, you can also sell off the place. The estate is worth a whopping $ $1,398,634.

It is an investment towards your future, and definitely an opportunity you would not want to miss out on. The house is in a prime location that has a lot of fun activities to do around the neighborhood. Moreover, it is safe and peaceful enough to be one of the hottest properties on the market!

Participants can also choose to visit this gorgeous estate and have a visual of what this draw might have in store for them. The house not only has a virtual tour but is also open daily at 10 am – 5 pm AEST, the st of the 21st of August – the rd of the 23rd of October 2019!

Mark these dates on the calendar

It is very important to score your tickets before the deadline or before they run out. So, make sure you keep a lookout for these important dates! The draw closes on Wednesday, the 23rd of October at 7 pm sharp! Make sure you purchase your tickets before the deadline.

Moreover, the draw is announced on Wednesday, the 30th of October at 11 am (in public!). So, make sure you are notified before these dates. All winners are notified by mail or by a phone call. If you choose to purchase tickets before the 25th of September, you can also avail the early bird cash prize.

The Early bird cash prize allows you to get $5000! You are free to spend that money however you like or maybe even treat yourself to something. Such a huge sum of money is the ideal amount to take a vacation to an exotic place like Thailand or Malaysia!

All of our draws take place at the Endeavour Foundation Head Office, which is further regulated under the supervision of the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations. The draw is a great way to invest in your dreams and really get about a life-changing opportunity.

Secure your tickets right away!

There is a limited amount of tickets! Here is some information on the ticket books and how much they can cost you.




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This gorgeous house and locality are completely worth testing your luck out for. Apart from your $1.3 Million house, you can also win gold bullions worth $10,000. You can do countless things with that money.

Go travel around the world, furnish your new home, or treat yourself to a luxurious car! The possibilities are endless, and this is definitely an opportunity no one would like to pass out on. If you become a star supporter member- 1 ticket purchase can give you an automatic entry in the next 4 draws!

You get many added benefits to joining the supporter membership program. This includes early-bird cash prizes, discounts, bonus gifts, and free participation in all future draws without any hidden costs or fees. You automatically receive your tickets in the mail prior to the launch of the next draw!