Mater Prize Home Lottery Draw No. 259 is your golden opportunity to change your life forever. Every person in Australia who purchases a ticket in this lottery has the opportunity of winning this fantastic prize: with just one ticket your fortunes could change dramatically and our very next winner could be you. Why not! Someone has to win! And the prize? A fabulous two-storey waterfront home, featuring the following.

  • A two-car garage, including indoor entrance to the home
  • Upper floor with its own balcony, offering spectacular views of the waterfront
  • Spacious living area
  • Gorgeous private swimming pool with timber surrounds
  • Four spacious bedrooms, and
  • The home comes fully furnished with top-quality, modern appliances and fittings.

This amazing two-storey home is located in Queensland on Hope Island. Some of the fantastic advantages of owning this home include :

  • Your home is built on an island in a wonderful environment
  • You’ll be situated within an island community, and so to assist in your movements both to and from the island you’ll also walk away with the keys to a luxurious boat and a state-of-the-art ferry
  • You’ll be living in very close proximity to wonderful attractions, like Paradise Point, Sanctuary Cove, and Ephraim and Sovereign Islands
  • As a home owner in this island community you’ll be invited to attend organized events available only to local residents
  • You’ll have clear and unimpeded access to water, and
  • You’ll have your very own landing area for your boat and ferry.

Now can you visualize it? Sounds like a spectacular lifestyle, a lifestyle that not many people get to live. And all you have to do is buy a ticket in this lottery!

This is a well-developed island community, and when you win this lovely home your dreams will come true. So don’t forget to buy your tickets, then sit back, relax, and wait for the draw. It could very well be you that becomes the owner of this amazing house, with the amazing lifestyle that goes with it. Just one ticket – that’s all it takes!