Everybody needs a break from their day-to-day routines. Sometimes you just feel like relaxing, sitting in a pool and soaking in the sun rays. However, with our daily lives and the work we have to handle- these kinds of getaways can get a little difficult.

Imagine an opportunity where you wouldn’t have to escape to a beautiful location to take a break, but your own home will be a tropical resort where you can relax and destress.

The Mater prize 236 offers a 1.6 million tropical resort-style home in the beautiful locality of Palm Cove. This value is it completely justified, given that the house is everything you would want it to be.

It is seriously a house right out of a movie. It has the comfort and luxury that offers an aesthetically pleasing design and architecture. This estate has a picturesque view that you would be lucky to live in!

All you need to do to participate in this draw is get a ticket for as low as $2! However, let’s first find out some of the amazing features of this house and whether it’s the right fit for you.

Your gorgeous home in Palm Cove

Your beautiful home in Palm Cove it’s considered resort-style because it really is like having your own mini-resort experience. It has 608 square meters of land area and is an incredibly spacious place.

If you have a small family or even a larger one this house could not get any better! It’s 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms can cater to a lot of people one out of the four bedrooms is a gorgeous master suite with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite.

Imagine waking up in your beautifully furnished master bedroom that has ample sunlight and an attached veranda. Then you also have the comfort of your own wardrobe and ensuite where you can take your time getting ready and deciding how to start off the day.

In addition to this, the other 3 bedrooms are extremely spacious and have a lot of windows to allow in natural light. The bedrooms are furnished in a very minimalistic way, which allow you to enjoy the subtleties of life.

Moving on to the open plan kitchen and dining area- you can now host parties for however many people you like! The open kitchen allows you to serve as many guests as you want. The kitchen is well equipped to make mouthwatering dinners and lunches for your friends and family.

If you’re not one for lunches and dinners, then you can just enjoy your lazy weekend in the rumpus room with some television. You can sit back, relax, watch your favorite movie, and spend the day as it goes by.

The Exterior of the House

The house consists of 2 floors the ground floor is where you have your study room and office; In addition to the kitchen and dining area, you also have a large living room for your family to relax in. The ground floor also consists of the rumpus and media room.

As soon as you step out of the house, you have a spacious garage where you can fit up to 2 cars. Around the back of the house, you have your saltwater pool, as well. The second floor consists of the 4 bedrooms, which include the master suite the en suite. The floor also has two balconies.

If you step outside of the house, you will find in the large alfresco area with a barbecue facility that means you can have those amazing barbecue parties, enjoy the sunset and take in the beauty of the gorgeous Palm cove.

What is great about this alfresco is it also looks over at a saltwater swimming pool where you can spend your hot summer days, enjoy with your family and destress and relax.

The house is the epitome of luxury and comfort. You also have an internal alarm system that keeps you secure at all times.

The paradise that is Palm Cove

Palm Cove is known as a gateway destination, for it is a beautiful area with both tropical and scenic beauty. It is home to the Great Barrier reef and the World Heritage-listed the Daintree rainforest as one of the most mesmerizing experiences ever.

Your home is not the only beautiful place that you will be exploring while residing in Palm Cove. You can unwind and relax in the calm beauty of the vicinity, and if not, then you can also enjoy the beautiful resorts and different kinds of cafes and restaurants that are open all around the clock.

Features of your home in 2 Beachmont Place, Palm Cove, QLD 4879

To list down, here are some amazing facilities and luxuries you get in this beautiful estate. This prize offers you an experience of a lifetime with these wonderful features:

  • A wonderful resort-style Palm Cove home that makes you feel like you are on a constant vacation
  • 4 spacious Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms with modern facilities
  • Large office and study room when you want to get some work down
  • A stunning Saltwater swimming pool to spend your summers in
  • Large alfresco that looks over to the sunset
  • A separate area of Barbeques so you can throw parties whenever you like
  • The house also has an open plan kitchen and dining area.
  • It is located in the middle of the luxurious Palm Cove
  • The overall living area is 285.5sqm (floor area)
  • There is a rumpus room with Television, for some lazy weekends.
  • A gorgeous master bedroom with a luxurious walk-in robe and ensuite
  • Alarm system that offers you security 24/7

How can you have a look at this house?

If you ever want to have a look at this house, then you can first take a small little virtual tour on our website where we offer a detailed picture of each room, balcony, dining area and what kind of a vibe it offers its residents.

If not, then this gorgeous estate is open to public visits. you can visit this state which is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM starting from Wednesday 16th of October to Sunday the 8th of December.

Have a firsthand experience of how stunning and well-built these houses are and you just might fall in love with it at first sight.

An investment opportunity

If you are not looking to enjoy this home for yourself or if you are well settled in your own home in a city of your choice, then you might feel like that this house is of no use to you. But that is not the case; if you participate in the draw and win, you can always give this house up for rent!

A house like this is hot property and has a rented potential of $54,600 per year. This kind of sturdy income can really turn your life around.

Apart from that you can also choose to sell the house. It currently sits at a market value of 1.55 million dollars. You can invest the money in your future or towards something you want!

Important dates to remember

If you are excited to take part in a giveaway of a lifetime, then circle some essential dates on your calendar. The draw closes at 8 PM AEST, on Thursday 17th of December 2019. After this, the limited quota of tickets will not be sold.

So, make sure you plan ahead and secure your tickets well before time. The second important date is the day the draw takes place. Once you have participated- the draw will take place at 11 AM AEST on Thursday, 19th of December.

The winners are notified via a registered mail system, and the results are also published in The Australian on the 24th of December. So stay alert and do not miss any of the announcements.

Secure your tickets today!

If you plan to get your ticket, here is an outline of the ticket prices that can help you decide what offers the best value. The more tickets you get, the more is your chance of getting bonus gold as well as lowering your per/ ticket price.

1 ticket can cost you up to $2, however, as you buy more and more tickets- the cost is lowered for you. You can get a 100 tickets for $100 as well as a $60,000 Bonus gold prize.

The table illustrates the best values for you to get-

TicketsBonus Gold PrizeTotal Cost
1 TicketNo bonus Gold$2
3 TicketsNo bonus Gold$5
6 Tickets$10,000 in gold bullion$10
10 Tickets$20,000 in gold bullion$15
15 Tickets$25,000 in gold bullion$20
20 Tickets$30,000 in gold bullion$25
25 Tickets$35,000 in gold bullion$30
35 Tickets$45,000 in gold bullion$40
45 Tickets$50,000 in gold bullion$50
65 Tickets$55,000 in gold bullion$70
100 Tickets$60,000 in gold bullion$100
200 Tickets$60,000 in gold bullion$200
500 Tickets$60,000 in gold bullion$500
1000 Tickets$60,000 in gold bullion$1000