The MS Game changer lottery offers you a chance to change your life overnight. You can be the owner of a gorgeous Metricon home worth $1 Million or $900,000 in cold cash! You could pick and choose. However, you like your prize.

There is not just one winner, but two. Apart from the grand prize, the winner also gets an early bird prize, in which they can win 2019, Toyota Land cruiser, or an $80,000 in cash. It surely doesn't end here. There are many other bonus prizes as well as adventure prizes.

The cost of entering this grand lottery is just $100/ticket. Imagine winning so much with just the cost of a $100! It is an opportunity you would not want to miss out on. However, first, let's find out a little more about your prizes-

Your Gorgeous Metricon Home

Metricon is a building company that constructs houses with great architecture and designs. Each home is built beautifully with modern and traditional designs. The significant part is, you get to choose your home in the suburb of your choice.

The winner also has over 100 designs and themes to choose their home from. Some homes have spacious floor plans, more garage space, or even a larger back or front yard. You can pick and choose according to your preference and taste!

Winning $900,000 in Cold cash

The other option winners have is winning a $900,000 cash prize. Imagine the possibilities you have with that kind of cash prize. You could opt for getting your dream luxury car, a luxury vacation, or even a yacht if you want one!

If you are not a person who enjoys luxuries, then you can very easily invest this money in your future. Maybe save money up for college, invest money into your business plan, or even invest in real estate!

It is all up to you how to enjoy this fantastic cash prize!

The Early Bird Prize

The early bird prize is up for grabs if you purchase your tickets before participating before Wednesday, October, the 13 th. Then you could be one of the three people who can win the Toyota land cruisers (2019 model), which are worth around $96,721.

However, if you aren't one for cars, then you can also get $80,000 in hard cash, there is at least 1 in 15 chance to win the early bird prize!

Bonus Prizes

If you purchase two or more tickets, then congrats- you qualify for the amazing bonus prize. The Bonus prizes are perhaps the most fun prize in the whole package. It includes a luxury trip to 5 beautiful locations in the world. These locations include:

  1. The gorgeous tropical islands of Maldives
  2. The calm and serene beauty of Canada
  3. The Vibrant cities and fjords of Scandinavia
  4. A fun-filled and exciting day at Disneyland USA
  5. The magnificent beauty of the Greek Islands.

You can look up the wonderous things to do at all these popular tourist destinations and pick one which suits you the most. Enjoy a trip with your significant other or even with some close friends and family.

This is not all-

The winners can also win brand new cars and other kinds of vehicles that are included in the bonus prize. Some of the options include- getting your own boat! A Stacer 249 Outlaw worth $19,889 Even a bike of your dreams, the Harley Davidson SuperLow, worth $15,995.

In addition, other vehicle prizes include an elegant BMW X2 worth $53,842 and the Mercedes Benz C200 Coupe worth a whopping $76,115! The choices are endless, and a ticket to this lottery is just $100! It is all definitely worth the investment.

The Adventure prizes

This lottery also offers you four beautiful experiences along with your participation! You can win a high tea for four people for some calm and quiet or a rally driver for one!

If you want a, learn a little, then visit the West End brewery tour with three other friends! In addition, you have the option to visit the big cat interactive experience for 2!

Entertainment Prizes

This isn’t all that the winners get. You would be excited to know that there are many other smaller prizes. That means there can be up to 4600 winners for this lottery! You can win many types of prizes from exciting gadgets and electronics to gift cards from many retailers.

The prizes include:

  • Samsung 75” TV
  • 1 iRobot Vacuum
  • 5 Samsung 7” Tablet
  • 5 Fitbit Versa
  • 10 Delonghi Coffee Machine
  • 100 JBL Bluetooth Speaker
  • 100 JBL Headphones
  • 431 Casio Watch
  • 500 Hoyts $100 Gift Card
  • 500 Retravision
  • $100 Gift Card
  • 3000 Half Case of Mixed Wine

Remember these important dates

If you are participating in this draw, then you need to circle some important dates on your calendar. The draws are announced on two different dates. However, first, you need to secure yourself a ticket. The final tickets for the grand prize close at midnight, Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

After this, ticket sales close. So, remember to secure your ticked from the limited quantity of 70,000. Tickets may run out, and you might not get your ticket in time. In addition to that, you want to avail of the early bird prize, then get your ticket before midnight, Wednesday, 30 October 2019!

If you plan to buy two or more tickets, then you automatically enter the bonus prize draw as well. The draw closes on the same day as the final draw closing, which is Midnight, Wednesday, 11 December 2019!

Secure your tickets and Contribute to patients of MS

Each ticket costs $100, and you can purchase; however, many you want. The more you buy, the more your chance of winning many other goodies. There is a limited quantity available, so act fast. The proceeds go to patients who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS is a horrific disease that affects many Australians. It affects sight, muscle control, and the spinal cord. These proceeds help the victims of this disease and help them with medical aid.