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Draw GCL18A has ended, but MS Society of SA & NT have a new prize home, Get tickets for it here:

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If you like a lottery that gives you great odds to win thousands of prizes, you’ve come to the right place. The MS Game Changer Lottery has a total of 4,018 prizes in a $2,646,325 prize pool with only 60,000 tickets to be sold. That gives you 1 in 15 chances of coming away a winner, and with a grand prize worth $1.6 million, this one really is a game changer.

The icing on the cake is a Grand Prize that gives you the option of a $1.6 million dream home from Metricon or $1.5 million in cash. After that, there’s holiday packages, luxury cars, adventure prizes and a whole host of electronics and gift cards. Even the Early Bird prize is extravagant, with a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé worth $277,000. Don’t worry, if you’re not lusting after a race car you can take $250,000 in cash instead.

Start by making your ticket purchases before midnight on 3 May 2018. That way, you’ll be in the running for all of the prizes including 15 draws for $1,000 that will be held over two weeks in May. The MS Game Changer Lottery doesn’t officially close until 21 June 2018, but if you wait too long you’ll miss out on the Bonus Draw and Early Bird prize.

And with so many chances and ways to win, we can guarantee that the limited number of tickets available are going to sell out.

$1.6 Custom Built Home or $1.5 Million in Cash

The Grand Prize is $1.6 million on account with Metricon Homes to create exactly the home you’ve always wanted. They’ll build it anywhere in South Australia, and you can use up to 45% of your prize value to purchase land for the residence. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of award-winning designs and then make modifications to suit your taste and requirements. With this kind of budget, you’ll be able to have exactly what you want, where you want it, with every feature and amenity you can think of.

If you’ve already got other plans for how you’d like to live your new millionaire lifestyle, you can choose to take $1.5 million in cash instead of building a home. Do whatever you like with the proceeds of your game changing win, whether that means retiring early, doing some extreme shopping, or just enjoying a life with no financial concerns. It’s your dream and with $1.5 million, you can afford to dream big.

$277,000 Early Bird Prize

The early Bird prize is a real beauty and you’re going to want to buy your tickets before midnight on 31 May 2018 to get into this draw.

On offer is a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé worth $277,000. This is a fully equipped German engineered sports car that goes from standing to 100km in less than 5 seconds. The V8 biturbo engine can propel the vehicle to speeds in excess of 300 km an hour, so we’re talking about a serious machine. Inside the cockpit of your two-seater you’ll appreciate the meticulous attention that was put into the design, comfort and features that make driving an absolute joy. Included are all on-road costs except for insurance.

Hard to believe, but not everyone wants to own a state-of-the-art, head-turning sports car. If you’d rather do something sensible like pay down your mortgage or start your own business, you can always take $250,000 in cash instead of the Mercedes. That’s enough money to do some serious travelling or make a few solid investments for retirement. If you’re the winner, you’ll have 48 hours to decide which way you want to go so it’s never too early to start thinking about it.

15 Draws for $1,000 in Cash

The Bonus Draw gives you something to look forward to while you’re waiting for the other 4,000+ prizes to be drawn. Make sure to purchase your tickets before midnight on May 3rd, 2018 if you want to have 15 chances to win $1,000. A ticket will be drawn every week day between 7 May 2018 and 25 May 2018, for a total of $15,000 in cash. If you’re the lucky winner of one of these prizes, your ticket number will be returned to the main pool and you’ll still be in to win the Early Bird Draw and all other prizes.

Luxury Cars

The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé isn’t the only luxury vehicle up for grabs in the MS Game Changer Lottery. Check out the other four high-end cars that you could soon be driving home.

2018 Range Rover Evoque ($72,000): A compact SUV that’s fully loaded and ready to take you wherever the road might lead.

2018 Toyota Landcruiser Prado ($68,466): This is the country’s top selling SUV in its class and it’s not hard to see why. Seats seven and comes with impressive new safety features.

2018 BMW 3 Series 318i Sedan ($66,890): A tried and true classic, part of the legendary 3 series at the heart of the BMW line. Sheer luxury.

2018 Audi A3 Convertible ($55,627): A cabriolet with a sporty design and lustrous interior. The perfect mix of fun, function and proven Audi performance.

Fantastic Holidays

Could you use an escape and a chance to experience something completely different? How about a holiday in one of these alluring destinations?

6 Nights in Canada ($7,500): Get to know the country’s Pacific coast with a trip that takes you to both the city of Vancouver and the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. Includes a joy flight across the Island.

6 Nights in the Maldives ($6,500): Head to the Indian Ocean where you’ll find soft white sand beaches, endless marine life and a week of total tranquility.

6 Nights in the Greek Islands ($6,500): Culture, gourmet dining and dramatic vistas await you in the iconic islands off the coast of Greece.

3 Nights in the Whitsundays ($3,500): Explore the 74 Island Wonders that lie in your own back yard on this getaway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Unique Experiences

On top of all the cash, toys, trips and cars, the MS Game Changer Lottery is giving away a total of 22 very special adventures.

Penfolds Grange Tour (4 prizes): Taste six exclusive Penfolds wines, including their signature Grange, as you nibble the cheese and work on your sommelier skills.

Turbo Rally Drive (4 prizes): Sixteen laps around a rally circuit driving two different cars, followed by a thrill ride with a professional driver.

Swim with the Dolphins (4 prizes): Your chance to play with a pod of dolphins in their own environment and be part of their world for a day.

Massage and Body Treatment (4 prizes): Relax with a hot stones massage, invigorating scrubs and a refreshing facial. Recharge with this pampering day at the spa.

Lions and Tigers! (4 prizes): Walk with the zookeepers through their morning routine and hand feed the Sumatran Tigers and African Lions at the Adelaide Zoo.

Lane Wine Tasting (2 prizes): Enjoy the amazing view from the Panorama Tasting Room as you sample the best of the vineyard accompanied by tasty treats from the Chef.

Electronics, Gift Cards and Wine

With the Bonus Draws for cash, the Early Bird draw and the main draw, your have 4,018 chances to win a prize. Those odds are 1 in 15, and the winnings also include:

  • 1 x Samsung 65” Premium UHD LED TV
  • 1 x Apple iPhone 8
  • 5 x Nespresso Coffee Machine
  • 1 x Beefeater Bugg BBQ
  • 1 x Kitchenaid Cook Processor
  • 2 x Dyson Handstick Vacuum
  • 5 x Fitbit Alta HR
  • 3 x Apple iPad
  • 3 x Xbox One X
  • 5 x Gasmate Pizza Oven
  • 400 x Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 457 x Sony Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • 10 x Parrot Mambo Minidrone
  • 10 x Google Home
  • 4 x Spero Robotic Ball
  • 3 x Yamaha Home Entertainment System
  • 300 x $100 Myers Voucher
  • 300 x $100 Hoyts Cinema Vouchers
  • 2,460 x half case of premium Robert Oatley Vineyards and the Lane Vineyard wine

Don’t Forget These Important Dates

3 May 2018: Deadline to be entered into the Bonus Draw. A draw for $1,000 in cash will take place every weekday between Monday 7 May 2018 and Friday 25 May 2018. Winning ticket numbers are returned to the pool for the Early Bird and main draws.

31 May 2018: Deadline to be entered into the Early Bird Draw.

6 June 2018: Early Bird Draw for a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé or $250,000 in cash. The winning ticket number will be returned to the pool for the main draw.

21 June 2018: Ticket sales for the MS Game Changer Lottery close at Midnight.

27 June 2018: Main draw for all remaining prizes including the Grand Prize dream home or $1.5 million in cash. If all tickets are sold before 31 May 2018 (closing deadline for the Early Bird draw) all remaining prizes will be drawn on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

Winners will receive a notice in writing following each draw. Winners of the Bonus Prizes, the Early Bird Prize, the Grand Prize, the vehicles and the holidays will also receive a personal call from the MS Society of South Australia and Northern Territory.

Only 60,000 Tickets Will Be Sold

The total prize pool in the MS Game Changer Lottery is $2,646,325 and you’ve got a very attractive 1 in 15 chances of being a winner. With those odds, tickets are selling quickly so get yours early to be automatically entered into all of the draws and ensure you don’t miss out on your share of the winnings.

Your ticket purchases will help support people with MS and their families, and further research to find a cause and cure for the disease. On behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of South Australia & Northern Territory Inc. we thank you for participating and wish you the best of luck in the MS Game Changer Lottery.

Draw GCL18A has ended, but MS Society of SA & NT have a new prize home, Get tickets for it here:

Buy your tickets now


MS Society of SA & NT have now released a new prize home, MS Society of SA & NT draw . Which is a brand new home!. Take a look!

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