Is Queensland the state you want to settle in? What would you do if you were given the chance to own an entire Queensland property portfolio? Would you live in one of them, sell them or rent them out? Whatever your choice may be, don’t miss your chance to join the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337. With three Queensland apartments along with $225,000 worth of gold bullion that are up for grabs, this remarkable prize home lottery draw is certainly one for the books!

Draw 337 First Prize Winner Gets 3 Apartments Plus Gold Bullion!

That’s right! If you are the very lucky winner of RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337, you will won not just one or two, but three lovely apartments in Queensland! Valued at $1.8 million, this first prize comes with apartments that are situated in Australia’s most iconic locations – the Gold Coast, Brisbane CBD and the Sunshine Coast! One of the apartments is located in Southport, another one is in Brisbane and the third one is in Maroochydore.

Remember these Important Dates!

Draw closes 8 PM AEST Tuesday 19th July 2016
Draw will be Held 10 AM AEST Wednesday 27th July 2016

1) Lovely Southport Apartment with Panoramic Gold Coast Ocean Views

This is your chance to own the keys to a luxurious apartment in Southport. Just imagine waking up and walking to your balcony just to feast on the stunning ocean views of the Gold Coast. You can do this if you are the lucky first prize winner of the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337!

The Gold Coast offers a fantastic and luxurious lifestyle. For many, it is an ideal holiday vacation and for some, it is the perfect place to settle down. By owning this property in Southport, you will get to experience the best that the Gold Coast has to offer – delectable dining, world-class shopping, fun weekend activities and long surf beach walks! From your beautiful apartment on Scarborough Street, all these will be within your easy access!

  • Southport – a suburb conveniently located near the midpoint of Gold Coast. Have a city lifestyle while still enjoying the laidback environment.
  • Everything you need is within close proximity – from schools, medical facilities and public transport to water parks, supermarkets, restaurants and shopping malls.
  • Your wonderful apartment is just minutes away from Harbour Town. This shopping centre features various specialty stores, including alfresco dining options, 25 outlet shops, fresh food stores and homewares, among many others.

The Wonderful Features of this Southport Apartment…

Located at 1205/56 Scarborough Street, Southport QLD 4215

Purchase your ticket or tickets for Draw 337 of the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery and you just may be lucky enough to win the keys to this spectacular apartment on the Gold Coast. This two-bedroom apartment boasts of a balcony overlooking the panoramic Gold Coast ocean views. It also features two bedrooms, including a master room with a connecting walk-in robe and ensuite. You can also take advantage of the apartment complex’s facilities such as a garden gallery, sauna, pool, gym and a BBQ area.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at this Lovely Gold Coast Apartment

  • 2 bedrooms, including a master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in robe
  • Spacious open plan living that includes the lounge, kitchen and dining area
  • Apartment complex facilities like a garden gallery, pool, sauna, gym and BBQ area
  • $34,561 worth of furniture and electrical appliances
  • Rates, water and body corporate paid for the first 12 months

Choose from a Range of Weekend Activities…

Who says adults can’t enjoy jump-jumps? On the weekend, you can visit Aquasplash which is just a few minutes’ walk from your Scarborough apartment. From September and throughout the duration of the summer season, you can enjoy jumping from the water park’s inflatable blobs into the spectacular Gold Coast waters.

You are also just ten minutes away from Sea World! Bring your kids to the water park and enjoy wonderful attractions featuring remarkable sea animals. Kids can also have fun riding the Nickelodeon-themed rides or you can accompany them while exploring the tunnels, slides and fortresses of adventure playground Castaway Bay!

Date nights are more convenient and exciting since there are plenty of restaurants close to your apartment. You can choose among a wide range of cuisines – Chinese, Jamaican, Korean, Japanese, Thai and so much more!

It is also worth noting that your Southport apartment is less than 30 minutes away from Surfers Paradise. This means that you have close access to area’s spectacular attractions, including The Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, the Skypoint Climb and Observation Deck, Planet Chill, King Tutt’s Putt Putt and IFly Indoor Skydiving, among many others. Just imagine what you can do once you move into your Gold Coast apartment. So buy your ticket or tickets for the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337 now!

2) Conveniently Located Brisbane Apartment

Do you prefer inner city living? You still have an option with the apartments on offer at the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337! One of the properties that is up for grabs is a contemporary two-bedroom apartment that is located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. By owning this apartment, restaurants and shopping precincts will be right at your doorstep. With a balcony overlooking the iconic Brisbane River and Story Bridge views, this apartment truly a property anyone would covet.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at this Brisbane Apartment…

Location: 194/420 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

  • Two-bedrooms, including a master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite
  • A balcony with a lounge and alfresco dining area
  • Spacious open plan living which includes the dining area, kitchen and the living area
  • Two bathrooms
  • $46,208 worth of furniture and electrical appliances

Living in the Heart of Brisbane CBD

Known for its warm climate and cosmopolitan, laid back lifestyle, Brisbane is popular among business people as well as for young individuals who want to balance work, life and recreation. From your apartment on Queen Street, you will have access to a range of shopping, dining, sporting and entertainment options. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene by visiting the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and the Queensland Art Gallery. Satisfy your cravings for shopping through all the upmarket boutiques and popular markets in the area. You can also have a wonderful gastronomic adventure with all the nationally renowned and awarded restaurants and cafes.

3) Spacious Apartment at Sunshine Coast

If you are the very lucky winner of the RSL Art Union Prize Homes Lottery Draw 337, you will welcome sunny days in your Sunshine Coast apartment! The biggest among the three apartments, this property is ideal for people who love to entertain guests. What’s even better is it’s conveniently located near the Maroochydore beach as well as the popular shops and restaurants in the area!

If it is your dream to settle in a location with a laid back environment, then this Sunshine Coast apartment is ideal for you. Just imagine all the long walks you can take along the spectacular coastal paths. For the price of $5 per ticket, you can have the chance to live the ultimate beach lifestyle that you have been dreaming about! Purchase your ticket or tickets for Draw 337 of RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery today!

Take a Look at what this Sunshine Coast Apartment has to Offer…

Located at 502/14 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore QLD 4558

You still have enough time to enter Draw 337 of RSL Art Union Prize Homes Lottery. Who knows…Lady Luck may be on your side and she might let you win this spectacular Sunshine Coast apartment! This spacious two-bedroom apartment comes with two bathrooms as well as two living areas. With the apartment’s open plan living and dining areas, you will definitely host successful parties in your property. This apartment was also designed to fit a luxurious lifestyle. It features floor to ceiling glass doors that lead into an expansive balcony where you can see the stunning ocean views. It is situated in a buzzing location and it is just steps away from the beach, restaurants and shops!

Details of this Lovely Sunshine Coast Apartment…

  • 125 square metres of total floor space
  • Two bedrooms, including a master’s bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite
  • Two living areas
  • Two bathrooms
  • Spacious balcony with alfresco dining
  • $39,306 worth of furniture and electrical appliances
  • Rates, water and body corporate paid for the first 12 months
  • Access to the apartment complex’s facilities, including a pool, spa and sauna

Sunshine Coast Lifestyle

As the first prize winner of the RSL Art Union Prize Homes Lottery Draw 337, you will own the keys to an apartment located at Maroochydore. This area is the Sunshine Coast’s central hub and it is just over 100 kilometres north of Brisbane. Living in this apartment means you can enjoy quiet, uncrowded beaches along with a peaceful, small town ambience. Once you become a resident of Maroochydore, you will get to enjoy:

  • Spectacular beaches, ideal for swimmers and surfers as well as for individuals who love to take long walks along the beach
  • A central location on the Sunshine Coast which is also in close proximity to a variety of dining and shopping options
  • Plenty of weekend activities to choose from – fishing, kayaking, cycling, surfing, whale watching and the famous Hawksbill Turtle laying and hatching

Buying Tickets for the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337

You can now purchase tickets for the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery Draw 337! A total of 1,980,000 tickets are to be sold in this lottery draw.

More Tickets, More Prizes to be Won!

Tickets for Draw 337 are offered as per the following pricing:

SpendReceiveBonus Prize
$200 Book50 Chances to Win (40 + 10 Bonus)$135,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Book25 Chances to Win (20 + 5 Bonus)$135,000 Gold Bullion
$75 Book19 Chances to Win (15 + 4 Bonus)$105,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Book13 Chances to Win (10 + 3 Bonus)$85,000 Gold Bullion
$30 Book8 Chances to Win (6 + 2 Bonus)$55,000 Gold Bullion
$20 Book5 Chances to Win (4 + 1 Bonus)$40,000 Gold Bullion
$10 Book2 Chances to Win$30,000 Gold Bullion

As you can see, the more tickets you purchase, you get more chances of winning. Not only that, you also get the chance to win some bonus gold bullion!

What you can do if you are the Lucky First Prize Winner

You are just a ticket or tickets away from winning spectacular prizes! Have you asked yourself, “What would I do if I won this fantastic first prize?” There are a number of options you can choose from! You can live in the Brisbane apartment, make the Sunshine Coast your rest house and rent out the Gold Coast home. You can retire early and make a permanent income out of renting out all the apartments. Just take a look at how much you can earn on each property if you rent it out…

1) Annual rent income for the three apartments is estimated at $88,400. Doesn’t that sound interesting. Just think of the kind of life you can live when you have all that bonus cash coming in. This can be your opportunity to fulfil some dreams you’ve held back for so long – maybe cruising in Europe or Alaska, or go on adventure in South America! With all the cash you can spend, you can even go first class on all your trips!

2) Annual rent income for the Gold Coast apartment is estimated at $24,440. With this extra cash to spare, you do not have to worry about your daily expenses. You can even go on a holiday every month!

3) Annual rent income for the Sunshine Coast apartment is estimated at $24,960. With an ideal location and beautiful furnishings, this apartment is definitely a highly coveted property in the area. Why not put this property and the Gold Coast apartment up for rental, then live in your Brisbane prize home? If you rent out both, you can have an annual income of $49,400! With that kind of cash, you can even give up your day job!

4) Annual rent income for the Brisbane apartment is estimated at $39,000. That’s right! You can earn this amount every year without sweating for it! Now this lottery could definitely change your life!

5) Another option you can take is selling out the properties. If you are the lucky first prize winner of this draw, would you sell one, two or all the properties? If you sell them all, you can become a millionaire and do anything you want with all the cash!

  • Gold Coast Apartment Estimated Selling Value: $410,000
  • Sunshine Coast Apartment Estimated Selling Value: $450,000
  • Brisbane Apartment Estimated Selling Value: $560,000
  • Total Estimated Selling Value of all the Properties: $1,420,000

The choice is up to you! You can do whatever you want with the properties and make your dreams come true!

Purchase RSL Art Union Draw 337 Tickets, Support the Veterans

By joining this prize home lottery, you are giving yourself the opportunity to win three spectacular prize homes. Not only that, you are indirectly supporting the noble causes that the RSL Art Union carries out. Funds gathered from the ticket sales go to support veterans and other defence personnel and their families in Australia. Isn’t it great to know that while you have the chance to win amazing prizes, you are also doing something good for other people? So, purchase your ticket or tickets now! Who knows.. you might be the lucky winner of this draw!