If you picture your dream home, what does it look like? If you say that it has spectacular views, beautiful bedrooms and a wide terrace, then this latest RSL Art Union draw might be the chance to bring that dream to life!

Win a Sydney Beach House Worth $3.8 Million

Draw 339 is giving you the chance to live in a stunning oceanfront property in Sydney. Worth over 3 million dollars, this home looks as though it was brought to life from a magazine. You only need to buy a ticket worth $5 to enter the draw.

Australia’s Most Valuable Oceanfront Prize Home

Located between two of Sydney’s most popular northern beaches – Freshwater beach and Curl Curl beach – this stunning RSL-built property epitomises oceanfront living.

This 298 sqm home has four bedrooms and multiple living areas where your family and guests can relax and unwind. The home offers panoramic views from its spacious dining and living areas. You even get a huge second floor terrace! This will be perfect for Sunday barbeques or candle-lit dinners.

The home comes with $160,608 worth of furniture and state-of-the- art electrical appliances. The home also includes an outdoor BBQ kitchen.

With the Pacific Ocean in view, you will enjoy many sunrises and sunsets in this home. If you want to head out, you can drive for five minutes and visit the local restaurants and cafes of Manly Beach.

This Oceanfront Sydney property is truly one of the most desirable real estate options in Australia – and you could be the one living in it!

Don’t Forget these Important Dates

Take note of the dates:

Draw closes at 8:00 PM AEST on Tuesday 4th October 2016.

The results will be drawn at 10:00 AM AEST on Wednesday 12th October 2016.

The first, second and third prize winners will be notified by Registered Mail. The results will also be published in public notices of ‘The Courier Mail’ and ‘The Australian’ on Friday 14th October 2016.

Visit the Sydney Prize Home

The oceanfront prize home is open for viewing until 4 October 2016. You can check it out at 23 Carrington Parade, Freshwater NSW 2096.

The home is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEDT from Monday to Sunday. Note that access involves stairs. Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Prize Home

The prize home for Draw 339 was designed by the RSL Art Union. It is a 298 sqm prestigious house that offers multiple levels of panoramic ocean views. From the bright first-floor open-plan living area to the rooftop terrace, you will catch a glimpse of the glittering Pacific Ocean.

Bedrooms: The house has a total of four bedrooms. The master bedroom features an ensuite, as well as a walk-in robe.

Bathrooms: The master ensuite on the second floor and the bathroom on the first floor both come with wide bathtubs and glass-encased showers.

Living Areas: The Sydney home comes with two indoor living areas. The living area on the first floor comes with flat screen television and stylish furnishings. The retreat on the second floor is a perfect place to binge on afternoon or midnight snacks.

Dining Areas: You have a choice of two dining areas in this home. There is an indoor dining area on the first floor, but you can also spend family dinners at the terrace on the second floor. Both dining areas come with 8-seater dining sets, as well as accessories.

Kitchen: The modern kitchen is sleek and equipped with top-of-the-line appliances. The contemporary island is perfect for any meal preparation. You even get a large butler’s pantry to store all of your groceries.

Study: Do you often take some work home? Or do you have kids who need a place to concentrate when making school projects? Then you will love your home’s study. With two comfy swivel chairs and a clean white table, you will get your requirement done in no time.

Garage: In this home, you get parking for two cars and plenty of storage – something rare in Sydney homes!

The Sydney prize home also covers rates for the first 12 months.

The Sydney Oceanside Lifestyle

If you win the first prize, the ultimate Sydney Oceanside lifestyle awaits you. You have three beaches nearby, and you are only a drive away from the best the Sydney has to offer.

Curl Curl Beach

The first beach you will find is Curl Curl Beach, because this one is just 400 metres away! Curl Curl Beach is known as one of Sydney’s best surfing beaches. So if you happen to love riding the waves, you will become a regular at this beach.

Aside from surfing, you can also spend a day at Curl Curl Beach having a picnic on the shore, or eating at the local cafes scattered in the area.

Freshwater Beach

Only two minutes away from the prize home is Freshwater Beach. This great beach is ideal for families because it is placed between two headlands.

Fun fact: Freshwater Beach is where Duke Kahanamoku held his famous 1915 surfing demonstration that popularised surfing in Australia. Duke was born in Hawaii and was a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming. There is a life-size statue of Duke on the northern headland that commemorates his demonstration. The surfboard that he built from a piece of pine is also retained by the Freshwater Surf Club.

Manly Beach

Approximately seven minutes away from the prize home is Manly Beach. Manly Beach is a famous Sydney destination. It is known for incredible waterfront restaurants, bustling shops and quaint cafes. It also offers a lot of outdoor activities and attractions for all ages.

From Many Beach, the iconic Manly Ferry provides a picturesque and easy way to access the city in 30 minutes. So if you are in a rush, you can just hop on the Manly Fast Ferry to get to the busy city in just 15 minutes.

Buy Your Tickets Now!

A single ticket for Draw 339 is $5. But if you buy a book of tickets worth $20 or more, you will receive bonus tickets and you will also receive some awesome bonus prizes if you win first prize.

SpendReceiveBonus Prize
$200 Book50 Chances to Win (40 + 10 Bonus)$135,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Book25 Chances to Win (20 + 5 Bonus)$135,000 Gold Bullion
$75 Book19 Chances to Win (15 + 4 Bonus)$105,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Book13 Chances to Win (10 + 3 Bonus)$85,000 Gold Bullion
$30 Book8 Chances to Win (6 + 2 Bonus)$55,000 Gold Bullion
$20 Book5 Chances to Win (4 + 1 Bonus)$40,000 Gold Bullion
$10 Book2 Chances to Win$30,000 Gold Bullion

The most popular choice is the $50 Book. Click the red “BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW” button at the top or bottom of this page and get your lucky tickets!

Other Prizes to Be Won

Aside from the first prize, the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is also giving away second and third prizes in the form of gold bullion – free for you to spend as you please.

Here are the other amounts that you can win:

2nd Prize: $10,000 worth of gold bullion

3rd Prize: $5,000 worth of gold bullion

With these prizes, you can turn some dreams of yours into reality. You can go on a holiday trip, you can pay off some loans, you can renovate a room in your house – anything that you want to do!

What Would You Do if Your Won First Prize?

Can you imagine driving down Sydney to see your very own oceanfront home? Are you already thinking of the possibilities it opens up? Well, if you do win the first prize, here are three options you can consider:

1) Live that Laidback Sydney Lifestyle

The first choice that you have is to live in your new $3.8 million home. Staying in Carrington Parade, Freshwater lets you live the beach lifestyle to the fullest! You are also never far away from shopping districts, restaurants and entertainment hubs.

2) Sell the Property and Become a Millionaire

If you already have a home and you love it, you can choose to sell the Sydney oceanfront home for a hefty profit! By selling the home, you will earn millions of dollars. With that money you can purchase a different home, a new car, or invest money in stocks. The possibilities and endless!

3) Rent Out the Property and Never Work Again

If you want to keep the prize home but you are not planning to move in anytime soon, you can choose to rent it out. The RSL Art Union estimates that you can earn a whopping $143,300 per year!

That’s an incredible amount that will allow you to do other things you’ve always wanted. With that kind of steady income, you can cut down on your worktime and spend more time with your family. You can go for the dream vacation you always wanted. You can even put a dent on your mortgage. All of this is possible if you rent out the house.

No matter what you choose, it will surely change your life for the better. Remember that the first prize covers the rates of the house for the first 12 months, so you can take your time making a decision.

Support the Cause

The RSL Art Union is a non-profit organisation that was created out of the spirit of mateship. The RSL supports the Defense force personnel of Australia, as well as their families.

The RSL enriches the lives of our nation’s heroes through free services like rehabilitation, welfare services, free pension and emergency accommodation services.

You get to hit two birds with one stone when you join Draw 338. By participating in this draw, you help raise funds for the veterans of this country and you give yourself the opportunity to win something life-changing. When you buy prize home tickets, you help ensure that this long tradition of mateship will continue to persevere for many more years to come.