Trying to Choose Your Prize in the RSL Draw 348 Isn’t Going to be Easy!

The RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is always one of the best in the country. This time, however, they’ve really outdone themselves. Two completely different properties that share one thing in common – a total prize package value of $2,073,366. Whichever option you choose, holding the winning ticket means walking away a multi-millionaire.

Within 10 business days of winning, you’re going to have to choose between an apartment on Bondi Beach or a townhouse in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Do you want to watch people or sea turtles? Do you want to live steps from Australia’s most famous beach or relax on a terrace and look at the ocean across an expanse of National Park?

Tough choice, but someone is definitely going to have to make it. It might as well be you.

A Bondi Beach Apartment in the Middle of All the Action

The “Pacific” is literally across the road from Bondi Beach. If you choose this option, you’ll be surrounded by the glamour, night life, and world renown beach culture of this hyper-active community. Your modern apartment at 101/186 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 has all the features you’d expect in a million-dollar home, along with additional touches that will impress all who come to visit. And we suspect you’re going to have lots of company.

  • 97 Square metres of luxurious apartment living in a complex that was voted best development in Bondi in 2016
  • Innovative kitchen design with breakfast island
  • Dining area and attached study with a view of the beach
  • Living room has a wall of cupboards for additional storage
  • Master bedroom has a walk-through robe leading to the ensuite
  • Second bedroom and bathroom
  • Wood floors and designer fixtures throughout
  • Apartment is air conditioned
  • Secure parking for your car
  • Cheaper rates for residents for access to pool and gym complex
  • Furnishings and appliances worth $67,830
  • All rates and fees paid for the first 12 months ($12,096 value)
  • Transfer duty and legal fees are paid ($91,440 value)
  • $2,000 travel voucher
  • Total prize package is worth $2,073,366

Downtown Sydney is only 7 km away from Bondi Beach. You can commute to work or retire early and enjoy the pace of worry free beach living. If you decide to rent out your new apartment, you can expect to get over $80,000 a year in rental income. It certainly won’t be hard to find a tenant in one of the tightest markets in the country.

Living in Bondi Beach

Living in Bondi is all about the beach, the food, the shopping, and the entertainment. People come from all over the world to experience this iconic Australian destination, and you could be living there permanently!

The beach itself is a kilometre of pristine white sand, beloved by surfers and sun worshippers. The walk along the esplanade is where the uber-trendy go to see and be seen, keeping one eye on the surfers and the other on each other.

There’s always a ton going on, with festivals, special events, and attractions. If you’re feeling above it all, you can relax in the salt-water pool run by the Iceberg Club and watch it all go by. You’ll find that beneath the hype and performance is a diverse community of young people, retirees and commuters. Bondi has its own history, culture and “feel”, a second layer enjoyed by residents and seldom experienced by those just passing through.

Given your new millionaire status, you’ll probably want to go out for the occasional meal or two. Luckily, Bondi is filled with gourmet restaurants, bars and lounges. Start at one end of the beach and work your way towards home. That kind of luxury just never gets old.

A Home with a View in Byron Bay

Bondi Beach isn’t for everyone, and if you think you might enjoy something a bit more relaxed, take a look at 6/22 Mahogany Drive, Byron Bay NSW 2481, a fabulous townhouse overlooking Tallows Beach in Byron Bay.

  • 324 square metres of open-plan living
  • Panoramic view of the ocean and Arakwal National Park
  • Well appointed kitchen and dining area
  • Patio off the living area for Al fresco dining
  • Master bedroom with ensuite and a spacious enclosed terrace
  • Two additional bedrooms with private balconies
  • Second bathroom and powder room
  • Large deck on the first level for additional outdoor enjoyment
  • Media room with extra storage space
  • Two-car garage
  • $92,440 worth of furnishings and appliances
  • $235,000 in gold bullion to cover any “extras”
  • Access to the Complex’s pool and tennis court
  • Air conditioned
  • All rates and fees paid for the first 12 months ($16,311 value)
  • Transfer duty and legal fees are paid ($77,615 value)
  • $2,000 travel voucher
  • Total prize package is worth $2,073,366

Byron Bay is another real estate market that makes finding a tenant a breeze. If you decide to rent your townhome rather than move in yourself, you can expect a $67,600 annual return on your investment. Or you could choose to sell and spend your time figuring out how to spend your $2 million in winnings.

The Easy Life in Byron Bay

You certainly wouldn’t know it now, but a hundred years ago Byron Bay was known for its meat and dairy processing. It was home to a huge plant whose smell didn’t lend itself to much beach enjoyment. All that has changed now, of course, and the area is famous for both its land and marine National Parks, the beauty of Tallow beach, and an environmentally active community.

The complex within which the townhouse is located is only a short walk from the beach. There, you’ll find an expanse of white sand protected by its place within the Arakwal National Park. There is abundant bird life for you to admire, and the fishing is excellent.

The Cape Byron walking track will lead you to the lighthouse located on Australia’s most easterly mainland point. The Cape Byron lighthouse is the most powerful in the country, weighing ten tons and emitting a white flash every 15 seconds. The Bay can be treacherous for unwary ships, and wrecks are found throughout its waters.

The vibe of Byron Bay is friendly, relaxed and welcoming. The residents are proud of their “alternative” reputation, getting along with each other and their natural environment in a way the rest of us could learn from. If you want to kick back and admire the wilderness, you belong in Byron Bay.

Remember These Important Dates for Draw 348

Draw Closes: 8pm AEST on Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Date of Draw: 10am AEST on Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Draw Location: ANZAC HOUSE, 283 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Members of the public are welcome to come and attend the draw.

All winners will be notified by registered mail and can also be found on this site after the draw.

Viewing: You can come and inspect 6/22 Mahogany Drive, Byron Bay NSW 2481, from 10am to 3pm, seven days a week, starting July 12th, 2017.

The apartment at 101/186 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 will not be open for public viewing.

Ticket Books – More Chances to Win

The best reason to buy ticket books is to increase your chances of having to make that difficult decision between Bondi Beach and Byron Bay. What some people may not realise, however, is that you will also receive gold bullion if your winning ticket was bought in a book. That’s up to $135,000 that you can spend any way you want when the time comes to move into your new home.

SpendReceiveBonus Prize
$100 Book25 Chances to Win (5 bonus tickets valued at $25)$135,000 Gold Bullion
$75 Book19 Chances to Win (4 bonus tickets valued at $20)$105,000 Gold Bullion
$50 Book13 Chances to Win (3 bonus tickets valued at $15)$85,000 Gold Bullion
$30 Book8 chances to Win (2 bonus tickets valued at $10)$55,000 Gold Bullion
$20 Book5 Chances to Win (1 bonus ticket valued at $5)$40,000 Gold Bullion
$10 Book2 Chances to Win no bonus tickets$30,000 Gold Bullion

The $50 Book is the most popular package. It gives you 13 chances of winning with 3 bonus tickets and if you are holding the winning ticket, you also receive an additional $85,000 in gold bullion.

Thank You for Supporting Australia’s Troops and Veterans

RSL Art Union Prize Home Lotteries provide funding for programs that help our service men and women, Australia’s veterans, and their families. Many have job-related health issues like PTSD or require assistance to find housing, complete their claims, or relocate. The families of both our veterans and the fallen need support as well, and the RSL funds several much-needed programs, from peer-to-peer counselling to financial assistance.

From our crew here at Prize Link, we wish you all the very best of luck!

P.S. Please refer to Mater Prize Homes Terms and Conditions for full entry conditions and prize details. While we use our best endeavours, a discrepancy may exist, in this instance, RSL Art Union Terms and Conditions supersede our summary. PL Team