Imagine entering a draw that can change your life overnight. The RSL art union draw offers you its unique prize called the Trifecta! It has earned this name because the lucky winner takes home three gorgeous apartments in different locations in Australia!

Apart from the three grand apartments, the winner also takes home a $200,000 gold bullion prize. You can take a luxurious vacation or even buy yourself a car! It is all up to you. All you have to do is participate in a ticket that costs only $5!

But first! Let us find out a little more about what is offered in this prize and whether it is the right fit for you!

Property 1: Potts Point, Sydney

The first property is located in The Rex 521/50, Macleay Street, Potts Point, and NSW 2011

What is great about this property is how it is beautifully furnished! It worth a whopping $918,000. If you choose to rent it out, it can get you a great income of $33800 per year. The house has a 53 square meter area, in addition to its one bedroom, one bath and a space for a car.

It is perfect for couples or friends trying to sublet apartments. The neighborhood is extremely welcoming, and you will also find shops, markets, food places all nearby for added ease and comfort. The apartment is located in the heart of Sydney, and you will always find something to do!

If you feel like this apartment is not the right fit for you, then you have two others to pick from, and you could always give this one out on rent and earn yourself a hefty income!

Property 2: South Melbourne, Victoria

The second property in the prize is this gorgeous apartment located at Albert Tower 1601/3 Albert Road in South Melbourne, Victoria.

The property is worth $495,000 and has an area of 58 sqm. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, storage space, and a car parking space for one car. The place has a comfortable environment and a cozy design for your family and friend. It is an ideal place for small and blooming families, especially for those who enjoy suburban areas.

This property offers you the greenery and scenic beauty in contrast with city life. Not only that, but it also has the convenience of supermarkets, cafes, and institutes close to your residence. There are no hassles of long routes and traffic.

Property 3: Brisbane, Queensland

The third and final property is located at Evolution Apartments 195/18 Tank Street at Brisbane. The total worth of this apartment around $635000 and can get you about $34,320 in rent every year!

The great part is-that is apartment is located in the heart of Brisbane. The busy city also offers its residents great convenience! There is always a lot to do from gorgeous parks to theatres, and you will never find yourself idle in this city.

Moreover, the house itself is a wondrous treat. Out of the Trifecta, this apartment offers the most space. It has 86 sqm of living space. In addition, it has two spacious bedrooms and well-equipped bathrooms.

It also includes additional space for parking your car as well! It does not end here- there is a modern kitchen equipped with everything you might need, along with the comfy living room and the dining area for your family meals.

Properties not available for inspection

These properties are currently not available for inspections or public visits. This is mainly in respect of the residents who currently inhabit the area and to keep it safe and secure for them. It is our priority to make sure these locations are protected, and its residents have no complaints.

However, this does not mean you will not be able to see how the house looks like! Our website offers a virtual tour of all three gorgeous estates. You can view these houses on our website, which includes floor plans and a picture.

You can also pan through the 3D panoramic view and view all the details like interiors, themes, designing, and more! Until you are satisfied with your analysis!

Important dates, you should remember.

If you plan to participate in this life-changing draw, then do keep some dates marked on your calendar! The draw closes at 8 pm (AEST) on 5th November 2019. After this point, no sale of tickets is allowed.

Given that the tickets are limited in quantity, you should secure yours well ahead of time! In addition to this, the lucky winner will be announced at 10 am (AEST) on the 13th November 2019. The winners are notified via registered mail after a public draw.

So make your reminders now and participate while you still have the chance!

How to increase winning chances?

If you plan to participate, then one pro tip that will help you out- The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have of winning. The ticket books give you bonus tickets as you buy more (ranging from 1 ticket to 260 tickets)!

These bonus tickets also give you the chance of winning an additional gold prize. The table below illustrates how you can maximize your benefit from participating!

No. of TicketsCostGold Prize
1 Ticket$5No bonus gold
2 tickets$10$30,000 bonus gold
5 (includes 1 bonus ticket)$20$40,000 bonus gold
8 (includes 2 bonus tickets)$30$55,000 bonus gold
13 (includes 3 bonus tickets)$50$85,000 Bonus Gold
19 (includes 4 bonus tickets)$75$105,000 Bonus Gold
26 (includes 6 bonus tickets)$100$135,000 Bonus Gold
52 (includes 12 bonus tickets)$200$135,000 Bonus Gold
130 (includes 30 bonus tickets)$500$135,000 Bonus Gold
260 (includes 60 bonus tickets)$1000$135000 Bonus Gold