RSL Art Union Draw 372 brings to you a wonderful chance of winning a beautiful beachfront home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. This luxury apartment is located in a complex many Australians dream of living in. It is valued at $1,870,000 and the prize also includes $350,000 in gold along with many other perks.

The apartment is quite spacious and luxuriously furnished with all modern amenities having ensuite with two of the bedrooms, a balcony and an open-style kitchen. The dining area overlooks the beach and the view from the balcony is absolutely breath-taking!

This cosy house is located at ONE Palm Beach Complex, which is a famous residential area in Queensland, Australia. When you live by the beach, you have your own private access to all the scenic beauty that is characteristic of this location. Get ready to have unlimited access to a number of water activities and a lot of other fun opportunities!

The home has been built over 271 sqm area and offers a well-appointed BBQ area as well as a backyard to relax and unwind. The place is perfect for holding parties and get-togethers and you can impress your guests with the sheer luxury of this apartment.

Prominent Features

The prize home comes with a good number of attractive features apart from its ideal size and luxury construction. Here are some of the most notable ones;

  • The master bedroom includes a walk-in wardrobe as well as an ensuite with all the modern amenities anyone could desire. This king-size bedroom is the most prominent feature of this beautiful home.
  • Other queen size bedrooms are equally luxurious and come with energy saving windows and other facilities.
  • A butler’s pantry comes with a kitchen that includes a sink and other electrical appliances safely housed in their respective locations.
  • The open-style kitchen includes an island with extra seating and access to the living area as well as the dining room that overlooks the beach.
  • The garage offers space for parking two cars at the same time and comes with a storage department for keeping auto accessories.
  • Every room is fully furnished along with adequate lighting and equipment needed for a comfortable living.

Details of the Interior

  • The Dining Room

The dining room comes with a round glass table and six chairs and it is adjacent to the living area. The open-style kitchen is also included in the same area, which includes just a countertop and a sink. Dirty dishes can be kept in the butler’s pantry where an extra-large sink is available for washing.

  • The Backyard

Anyone would love the idea of having a backyard in their home that offers a chance for a retreat. Children can play in the garden and you can grow your favourite organic vegetables right inside your home.

  • Balcony

One of the most attractive features of this luxury home is a balcony with comfortable lounge sofas for a relaxing experience. Whether it’s the afternoon, evening or early morning, you can always enjoy the view from this location inside your home.

  • The Bedrooms

Completely furnished bedrooms with windows overlooking the beach and breath-taking scenery are provided with this comfortable home.

  • Ensuite

Two bedrooms include an attached ensuite that offers an ultra-luxury bathing experience. An all-white design of the bathrooms with minimalism at its core makes the spaces quite cosy and deluxe.

The Lifestyle

The suburbs of the famous Gold Coast in Queensland are the most desirable place to live in. Life by the beach is something that makes anyone wanting to own a home in that location. The serene and peaceful atmosphere along with a chance to enjoy the beauty of the beach and water activities anytime is the features of such a lifestyle.

This part of Australia is home to a number of attractions for the residents including theme parks and a luxury resort. Many other popular locations as well as restaurants and cafes are within walking distance of the complex.

You can never have enough of the beautiful scenery as well as the sunsets and sunrises that you will experience from the comforts of your own home. A peaceful lifestyle is what brings most Australians to come and live in this complex. All the apartments here are classified as luxury apartments because of their structure and the modern amenities. They are perfect for inviting over guests or relatives as there is ample space for everyone to settle in for a few days.

Some people also convert their apartment to a holiday home in order to earn extra cash. Tourists wanting to explore Australia always look for comfortable and luxury apartments to live in. A fully-furnished home that is located close to the beach is something everyone desires.

The Lucky Draw

When you win the draw, you don’t have to pay anything for the first six months and the apartment is immediately transferred to your name free of charge! The prize also includes $2000 worth of a travel voucher so that you can go on a vacation with your family right away.

You also get the chance to walk away with up to $350,000 gold bullion as a bonus with this apartment as well as electrical appliances that come fitted in their respective places. There are absolutely no hidden charges associated with this prize. Instead, you get many additional benefits along with the luxury furnished apartment.

Save the Dates

If you are ready to participate in the RSL Art Union Draw 372, you need to keep in mind that it is going to close exactly at 11:59pm on 21/01/2020. The prize will be drawn on 29/01/2020 at 10am. It is advisable to act fast as the tickets are limited and the dates are closing in quickly!

It is good to know that RSL Art Union is one of the most reliable lucky draws in Australia and the money raised through tickets goes to the welfare of Australian veterans and their families. It’s a great cause and you can become a part of it simply by buying a few tickets.

So, don’t wait; become a part of this lucky draw now!