RSL Art Union Draw 383 gives you the option to choose between the oceanfront home in Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches styled by TV Host and Style Expert, Neale Whitaker or avail $5 million in gold and design your dream life!

This is the lottery that allows you to choose the prize package that best suits the lifestyle you’ll be enjoying if you’re holding the winning ticket on 3rd March 2021.


Breathtaking views, a boutique building Styled by Neale Whitaker,TV Host and Style Expert. Located within a few minutes walk, you can be licking gelatos, enjoying Breakfast in a celebrated boutique cafe, shopping for the latest season’s beachwear, catching waves, or sipping on a Pina Colada.

The living room, dining area and kitchen are all integrated into one open space that is entirely surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. Look outside, and all you see is the clear blue sky and dazzling ocean. Move to the couch and you’ll sink into the comfort of a King Living Zaza 3-seater deep sofa in Olsen Natural. From there, pick up the converter off the Globewest Benjamin Ripple coffee table and watch whatever you fancy on a Samsung The Frame TV- which has the ability to turn its screen in to a beautiful piece of artwork when not in use, allowing it to be the feature piece of the room.

This home is packed with design features and superior quality furnishings and appliances. You’ll find everything you could possibly want in a kitchen that’s sleek, stylish and ultra-modern. Even peeling vegetables will feel like a treat when you’re surrounded by the beauty of the sand and water below you.

You’ll likely never tire of the view from your own balcony, but if you want a panoramic look at the entire area, you can head on up to the rooftop terrace. You can see to the far horizon in every direction, a thrill you can repeat as often as you like as an exclusive owner of the beachfront house.


  • 321 sqm home on 367 sqm land
  • Open plan living, kitchen and dining room with contemporary furnishings and high-end electricals
  • Four bedrooms including a large master bedroom
  • Two beautifully tiled bathrooms, 2 powder rooms
  • Separate study room
  • Storage closets and laundry facilities
  • Secure parking for 2 vehicles
  • Rooftop Terrace

This option has a total 1st Prize Value of $5 Million and includes:

  • $4.4 Million Beachfront house
  • $198,162 Furniture & Electrical appliances
  • $150,000 Gold bullion
  • $2,000 travel voucher
  • 12 Months Council Rates & Water worth $5,086
  • Legal Fees (Transfers & Duties) worth $1,375
  • Transfer duty paid — valued at $246,490

Rent out the Apartment to long term tenants

You may choose to rent this apartment out to a long term tenant, after removing all of the furniture, which you can decide what you would like to keep for yourself and what you may choose to sell or give away to loved ones. The estimated rental yield you can expect to receive is $124,800 per annum.

Holiday let the Apartment, fully furnished

You may decide to holiday let the apartment, which would be particularly profitable during the peak season.

You will fall in love at first sight. You will adore the laid back lifestyle. You will have a new lease on life and will want to make the most of this life-changing windfall, and who could blame you!

You probably won’t feel the urge to travel for quite some time as you will feel like you are living in a resort already. And certainly, you will enjoy calling this magnificent oceanfront home.

You could sell the apartment and release the cash.

Perhaps you feel that you don’t need to reside in an apartment that is this spectacular, perhaps it is too far from home and you would prefer to purchase something in your current neighbourhood. Releasing the cash that is locked in the property, would enable you to purchase a new home, invest in a couple of rental properties, purchase some shares, or even buy a business that can provide you with the sort of income, you’d always hoped for. You may even like to travel.


If you win RSL Draw 383, you can choose the $5 million in gold and let all your dreams come true.

This prize option lets you build your own prize package. Your choice will depend on what always comes to mind when you think of winning the lottery. If you want to build a new home, you can put some or all of your winnings towards a custom-built residence anywhere in the country. If you’d rather have a home on wheels, select any motorhome or caravan and 4WD combo you want and hit the road. You could also choose to pay off your mortgage and live entirely debt-free.

Finally, there’s the option of selecting from a whole buffet of vehicles, trips, and toys with plenty of gold bullion left over to start a business or fast-forward those retirement plans. When you’re the grand prize winner of RSL Draw 383, you have absolute freedom to design your own unique prize package. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


Draw closes 8 PM, AEST, Wednesday 24th Feb 2021.

Winners to be drawn will be announced at 10AM AEST, Wednesday 3rd Mar 2021.

Winners will be shown on RSL Art Union website.

This property will not be open for inspection.


Tickets to this draw are only $5! You could win the life of your dreams without breaking the bank. At that price, why not buy more than one ticket? Remember that every ticket you purchase is another chance for you to win this incredible prize.




$100 Book

30 Chances to Win (10 bonus tickets)

$100,000 Gold Bullion

$80 Book

23 Chances to Win (7 bonus tickets)

$80,000 Gold Bullion

$50 Book

14 Chances to Win (4 bonus tickets)

$50,000 Gold Bullion

$30 Book

8 chances to Win (2 bonus tickets)

$30,000 Gold Bullion

$20 Book

5 chances to Win (1 bonus tickets)

$20,000 Gold Bullion

$10 Book

2 Chances to Win

$10,000 Gold Bullion


The money raised from these tickets goes towards the Returned and Services League Art Union. They were created to support the RSL and provide funding for the important work they do.

RSL Art Union helps fund the critical services provided to support both recent and past veterans. The services include counselling, rehabilitation, and accommodation. Financial aid is offered as well to those who need it.

RSL Art Union helps over 3,200 veterans every single year with claims for the Department of Veteran Affairs. This ensures that all veterans get what they are owed. They have more than 80 low-cost housing options available for returned servicemen to get back on their feet. They also provide funeral services and bereavement assistance for the families of those who have passed away.

This critical work cannot carry on without the continued support of the Australian community. Grab your ticket today and rest easy knowing that your money is going towards a highly worthy cause. We wish you all the luck in the world for RSL Prize Home Draw 383.