It’s a common dream to win a million dollars in the lottery and jet off to the other side of the world. Well, here’s your chance, thanks to Surf Prize Draw 201. Surf Life Saving Lotteries are offering the chance for one lucky winner to win 1 million dollars’ worth of gold.

What would you do if you won? You’d have enough money to leave on a boat and never come back, start up a business, invest in your children’s education, and more! Anything you want could be yours if you won this prize.

Winner’s Choice

With 1 million dollars in gold, there are countless ways you could choose to spend this after you’ve cashed it in. Maybe you’ll tuck it away for a rainy day. Maybe you’ll start the adventure of a lifetime with a round-the-world trip.

Let’s go over some exciting options of what you could do with your new-found riches:

Purchase A House

Designing your own home could be your idea of a dream come true. Butler’s pantry, home office, spa pool in the backyard; it’s all available to you when you win this prize. Maybe you have a large family who often visits on holidays. In this case, you might consider building a granny flat on your property to accommodate any visitors.

If you are a beach lover, you could build a holiday home by the beach. Spend your holidays relaxing in the sun, surfing the waves, and swimming in the sea. The kids will love making sandcastles on the beach and having somewhere exciting to go in the school holidays.

If you’re sick of your daily commute, you could get yourself an apartment in the city where you can crash when the long drive is just too much for you.

Whatever your homeownership dreams are, you can make them happen with the help of this generous prize draw.

Go Back to Study

If you’re not excited to get up and go to work every day, it could be time to consider a change. If there’s something that excites you more than your current career, winning this prize could enable you to go back to study. Hit the books once again to start over in your dream job. It’s never too late to return to study and start a new life for yourself.


Grab yourself a ticket to any destination and start your adventure. With this kind of money, you could afford to take an extended worldwide trip, stopping at any places you have always wanted to go. Head over to Asia, America, Europe, wherever your heart takes you.

Maybe you’re more into local travel. Use the money to find the best campervan money can buy and go on a luxury road trip. Set your sights on the Sunshine Coast and take every stop along the way to see the sights. Or drive down to Sydney and take in the marvellous view of the opera house.


Those among us who are practical may be far more interested in the investment opportunities they can take with their win. Start an investment portfolio and enjoy learning more about the share market and investments.

Property investments are a popular option as well. You could buy a house and rent it out to earn even more each year. Then, over time, you could reinvest that money in more properties, and you’ll be a property mogul in no time! Eventually, you could retire and live off these earnings.

Fishing Boat

If you’re a fan of getting out on the open water, sea breeze on your face, fishing line in hand, you need to buy a fishing boat. That way you can head out fishing any time you like. Then fire up the BBQ in the evenings to eat the fruits of your labour. The winner of this prize would have enough money to buy not only a boat but a jet ski, an awesome fishing rod, and more!


It’s time to start that classic car refurbishment project you’ve been wishing you had the funds for. Or maybe you’re more into buying a motorbike and heading out for weekend rides on your new toy.

Whichever type of vehicle you’d love to have, you would be able to buy. Whether it’s practical or highly impractical, this is your opportunity to go for it!

More Ideas

  • Set up your business — if you have a great business idea but have never had money to set it up, this draw could change all of that. The prize winner will be able to start any type of business they like — anything from scuba instructing to a nail parlour!
  • Hire a nanny — it’s hard to find time for you and your spouse to have quality time when you’ve got kids around. So why not hire a nanny? You’ll have much more time to yourself with an extra pair of hands at home.
  • Devices - surely there has been some sort of technology you’ve been eyeing up. Get the Xbox, new phone, or incredible camera you’ve been wishing you could afford.
  • Give to charity - there are numerous fantastic charities around that desperately need donations. If you have a cause that’s important to you, you could donate some of your winnings to help them out.

Important Dates

Tickets to this draw are a low $2 each and at that price surely, you’ll want to grab more than one! But make sure you do it before Wednesday 14 October 2020, because that’s when the draw closes.

The prize winner will be drawn the following week on Tuesday 20 October 2020. Check out The Australian the next day to find out the results, or if you win you will receive a letter in the mail letting you know.

Help the Community

This amazing 1 million dollar prize is up for grabs as a way of raising funds for the Surf Lifesaving Foundation. Each year this foundation sets up beach patrols to keep us safe in the water. The cost of this is enormous — around $91,000 per club. And across Australia, there are 313 clubs. That’s why they need your support. The money you spend on tickets goes towards enabling them to continue this important work.

If you want beach patrols to continue, you should support this worthy cause. Enter Surf Prize Draw 201 and you are not only giving yourself a shot at $1 million in gold but also keeping people safe in the water. So, why not get your tickets today!