Have you ever dreamt of owning a luxury waterfront home on the Gold Coast? yourtown PrizeLink Draw 500 is your chance to realize this dream. If the previous draws aren’t enough indicators, tickets sell like hotcakes, so don’t miss your chance to secure your lottery tickets today.

The home sits on a stunning spot overlooking the canals of none other than Nerang River. It’s impressive how the modern design manages to embrace the natural beauty of the region to deliver a unique take on luxury houses.

Buckle up as we go through the defining features of ‘Bella Vista’, and how your ticket purchases not only increase your chance of winning but also support an important cause.

Living on the Gold Coast

Broadbeach Waters is one of the best suburbs in the region, bringing you close to the city’s main attractions.

With over 400 stores, the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre is among the biggest in the country. All you need is an eight-minute walk from your house to find yourself right in front of the mall.

Kurrawa Beach is yet another attraction to tick off your “must visit” list once you move to Gold Coast. With its pristine beach and surfer-friendly waves, Kurrawa Beach remains a top destination for vacation-goers and adventurous surfers.

Finally, you’re only 11 minutes away from the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC.) Such a masterpiece in architecture hosts the most prestigious conferences, exhibitions, and sporting events.

You can tell by now that there are plenty of things to see and do on the Gold Coast, and you’ll love how the city has something for everyone.

The Prize Home

Address: 23 Sunshine Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters, Qld 4218

Bella Vista delivers enough room for the whole family with its two spacious floors and expansive outdoor areas. It also comes with a swimming pool and an alfresco dining space.

Master Suite

The four-bedroom house brings the luxury hotel experience to its master bedroom, coming with a private toilet, a dressing room, and a massive upper deck. The room adopts a minimalist yet classy design for you to add your own touch and personalize it to your liking.

We can’t stress how the all-glass design of the floor to the ceiling windows makes a huge difference in how the room feels. It allows natural sunlight to flood your suite and ensure you begin your day every morning as refreshed and productive as ever.

Open-Plan Living

The open-plan design philosophy translates really well in the home’s living area. Once you enter the lower floor, you’re greeted by a spacious connected area for the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. They all come with the same floor to ceiling glass windows for natural light and fresh breeze to spread into your house.

As for the lounge area, it comes with three sofas centred around a coffee table for the whole family to have a comfy spot to hang out.

Furthermore, you’ll love the kitchen! It comes with all the appliances you’ll need without being too cramped. It blends seamlessly with the nearby dining area, where you get to enjoy your meals the moment they get out of the oven.

Finally, the lower floor comes with a separate study/work room to provide you with a quiet environment and boost your productivity.


Bella Vista brings the same attention to detail of its interior design to the outdoor areas. The swimming pool is meant to stretch as close as possible to the Nerang River canal, giving you a stunning panoramic view of the horizon. Furthermore, you have an alfresco dining area, a garage, and a viewing deck overlying the canal.

It’s worth mentioning that the navigable canals will definitely encourage you to invest in a boat and start exploring around. Once you do, your very own jetty will come in handy to dock your boat before heading on another adventure.

Prize Value

yourtown celebrates its 500th draw with a special Prize Home package that includes:

  • The waterfront property
  • $180,810 furniture electrical appliances
  • $30,000 Gold Bullion
  • $5,700 12 months council and water rates
  • $9,690 12 months building and contents insurance
  • Transfer fees

Doing the math, this brings the prize’s total value to $2,444,039. So, how will this prize transform your life? Will you move into your new luxury house in Broadbeach? Or are you thinking about renting this property and boosting your annual income?

Some people even take this chance to sell the prize house to pursue their dreams of travelling abroad and starting their own businesses. The possibilities are endless! No matter what you choose, your life will definitely take a new turn.

Tickets Now Available for Draw 500

There are a few important dates you need to keep in mind upon purchasing tickets for the yourtown Draw 500.

Draw Closes:Thursday, the 8th of October, at 10 pm AEST.

The prize is drawn: Friday, the 9th of October 2020, at 12 pm AEST.

Tickets go for $15 per ticket, and you can buy more than one at a time to boost your chance of landing the top prize.

Thank You for Your Support

Without your help, yourtown wouldn’t have been able to achieve its wide-reaching impact. Your ticket purchases add up to support the Australian youth to learn new skills, get jobs, and become better parents. Your money also keeps the Kids Helpline up and running to provide the young with a platform where they can present their issues and get the proper support.