The Deaf Lottery is the lottery that changes lives; in fact it’s dramatically changed the lives of many Australians. Many people regard the Deaf Lottery as the one that offers ticket-holders the greatest probability of walking away with an amazing First Prize.

How you would spend $500,000 if you won?

The Deaf Lottery has been in existence for many years now and each and every year a total of seven draws are held. And every year members of the general public have the opportunity to change their life forever. As each year passes, the organizers of the Deaf Lottery Australia enhance the prizes on offer: currently First Prize is worth a total of $500,000! When you become the First Prize winner of the Deaf Lottery you’ll have the opportunity to select from a number of life-changing options, like –

  • A Getaway lifestyle;
  • An Investment lifestyle;
  • A Mortgage-Buster lifestyle, or
  • Design your own lifestyle!
  • The winner of the Deaf Lottery No. 151 can choose from any of the four major options; each one having a monetary value of $500,000. So, let’s have a closer look at these options.

Option No. 1: First Prize – A Getaway Lifestyle

This is the ideal option for the winner to indulge themselves in the adventurous lifestyle they always dreamed of. You might choose the latest Airstream 7 Caravan, together with a Toyota Land Cruiser, plus travel vouchers to the value of $20,000. Some of the great features of the Airstream 7 Caravan are –

  • It’s equipped with state-of-the-art facilities;
  • The caravan accommodates up to five people;
  • The design is classy and quite unique
  • What an amazing prize for the person who just loves to travel around this wonderful country of ours. No more hotel rooms for you – you’ll be taking your home with you!

Option No. 2: First Prize – An Investment Lifestyle

This is the perfect prize for the winner who would love to have a new home built at their choice of location. Your house – your location! Your new home will have the following features –

  • Fully air-conditioned;
  • Solar energy water heating system;
  • Every ground-floor window will have high security;
  • Your new kitchen will be fitted out with state-of-the-art appliances;
  • Remote-controlled garage;
  • Your new home will be an environmentally friendly home.
  • The above are just some of the amazing features of your new home: the home you’ll be building in your choice of location when you walk away as First Prize winner of Deaf Lottery No. 151.

Option No. 3: First Prize – A Mortgage Buster Lifestyle

As the winner of this lottery you could choose the Mortgage-Buster Lifestyle prize option. You’ll be able to select the luxury car of your choice, with approximately $20,000 remaining to spend on other items. So, how does a new Mercedes Benz S350 BlueTec Saloon sound to you? This is an amazing, unique vehicle and you’ll definitely make a positive impression wherever you travel in this car. Some of the features of the Mercedes Benz S350 BlueTec Saloon include –

  • Seven-speed, automatic transmission;
  • All-Wheel Drive;
  • Powerful 3-litre engine capacity;
  • Gas-efficient engine, consuming 3 litres per 50 kilometres.
  • There are many other luxury features you’ll experience first-hand when you drive-away in this beautiful machine. And if this is not the car of your dreams, then you can choose the one that is: it’s entirely up to you!

Option No. 4: First Prize – Design Your Own Lifestyle

This is the perfect option for the First Prize winner of the Deaf Lottery No. 151 to choose their own lifestyle. You can choose between caravans, agricultural equipment, motorbikes, and so much more. You’ll be able to design the lifestyle of your dreams: with this option you become the master of your own destiny. $500,000 cash-in-hand – what a prize!

Further Information on Deaf Lottery Draw No. 151

With this lottery there are three ways of becoming a winner: there’s the –

  • Kick-Off Draw
  • Half-Time Draw
  • Full-Time Draw

The Kick-Off Draw and the Half-Time Draw both provide opportunities to win great prizes; the Full-Time Draw is the ultimate prize, and this involves selecting your choice of the above four unbelievable options.

Opening Date for Sale of Tickets:

Draw 151 is still open for the purchase of tickets.

Closing Date:

Closing date is 12th July 2015.

Draw Date:

Draw date is the 16th July 2015.

Ticket Cost:

A single ticket costs a mere $2, and obviously the more tickets you purchase the more opportunities you have of winning a spectacular First Prize.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets for Deaf Lottery Draw No. 151 will be used to provide supportive services for those members of our community who are hearing impaired.