Every single person has the opportunity to win half-a-million dollars and turn their dreams into reality. Really? Yes really, and all it takes is one ticket in Deaf Lottery No. 152! One ticket; and some lucky person will walk away the winner of this fantastic prize. And remember, someone WILL win this prize, so why not you?

Closing: 30 Aug 2015 : Drawn: 03 Sep 2015

Can you imagine how you’d feel if you received a call saying you’re our lucky winner? And once you pick yourself up off the floor, how would you spend your windfall? Fabulous questions, with equally fabulous answers!

This is an amazing Lottery because it’s got something for everyone: there are FOUR 1st Prize options to choose from; each valued at half-a-million dollars! Any winner can fulfil their dreams because this Lottery has it all. All 1st Prize options include Gold Bullion up to a whopping $450,000 and $20,000 cash if you choose the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle Option. The choice is all yours!

How you would spend $500,000 if you won?

In Deaf Lottery No. 152 you can choose to build your dream home in the location of your choice; get away from it all in a new motorhome; pay off the mortgage, get rid of all that debt and buy yourself that luxury car you always dreamed of owning; or perhaps you’d prefer to design your own 1st Prize? It’s entirely up to you.

This Lottery provides you with the opportunity to win one of these fantastic life-altering prizes; and as a supporter, you’re providing Deaf Services QLD with the opportunity to fund programs and services to assist our deaf and hearing impaired friends build brighter futures.

See below for further information on each of the FOUR 1st prize options –

First Prize Option No. 1:

Imagine paying off your mortgage and getting rid of all that credit-card debt, then upgrading your car to that vehicle you always dreamed of owning. Perhaps you might invest some of the winnings for your retirement years, or just splurge on a fabulous cruise around the world. Or, think about buying the new Audi TTS and keep the $400,000 Gold Bullion and $20,000 cash to spend on other luxuries. Maybe owing an Audi isn’t your dream, so you can choose any vehicle you like, or even two vehicles, and save the Cash and Gold Bullion for a rainy day. Just imagine the possibilities!

First Prize Option No. 2:

Metricon Homes can make your dream of owning your own home a reality. You’ll receive up to $500,000 to spend on your new home or a home-and-land package. Build a fabulous home on your own land, or alternatively on a new lot in one of Metricon’s specially selected packages. You’ll still have $20,000 Cash and up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion to help out – so that’s a total a $500,000 to create your dream Metricon home (Conditions apply).

Have a look at Metricon Homes’ website at www.metricon.com.au for areas serviced by Metricon, house plans and display home locations.

First Prize Option No. 3:

Is it your dream to just get away? Would you love to explore this beautiful country of ours? Well, with your half-million dollars to spend you can explore Australia in style and comfort because you can choose your own caravan or motorhome, and 4WD. You might choose to spend the entire $500,000 on your trip, or keep up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion and the $20,000 cash for later on.

Alternatively, you might choose the AVIDA 31ft ‘Longreach’ Motorhome; and bank the $195,000 Gold Bullion and $20,000 cash.

First Prize Option No. 4:

Can you imagine how exciting it would be, having the freedom to select the prizes YOU want? Would you take your half-a-million dollars and splurge it on the trip of a lifetime; or how about a fabulous shopping excursion? It’s up to you to design the prize package that suits your lifestyle: there’s luxury travel like motor vehicles, marine craft, motorhomes, trucks, motorbikes, caravans and campers, farm machinery, and gift cards to choose from. And remember that this Prize option includes Gold Bullion up to $400,000 plus $20,000 cash to spend. What a fabulous decision to make!

Your Support Goes A Long Way

All funds raised from the sale of Lottery tickets in the Deaf Lottery go towards supporting Deaf and Hearing Impaired people in our community. This couldn’t be done without your generosity.

Deaf Lottery hold seven lotteries each and every year, offering supporters the opportunity of winning a choice of 4 different Lifestyle Prizes; and remember ‘You have to be in it to win it’!! There will be 138 prizes drawn in this Lottery, so that’s even more chances to win.

Remember to get your tickets in Deaf Lottery No. 152 and it could very well be you that receives the call to say ‘Congratulations – you’re our winner!’