In this Lottery there are 138 prizes to be won, but that’s not the best part. The great thing about the Deaf Lottery is that there are FOUR FABULOUS FIRST PRIZE OPTIONS – each option valued at Half a Million Dollars! So there’s certainly plenty here for everyone to dream about. And that’s not all! All four First Prize Options include $20,000 in cash, plus Gold Bullion from $400,000 and $450,000 if you choose the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle Option! It’s all up to you, because you get to choose your First Prize.

About Deaf Lottery

The Deaf Lottery conducts lotteries in order to raise funds to support Hearing Impaired and Deaf people in our local communities. Every year seven lotteries are held, with many chances to win fantastic prizes: from your choice of four (4) different Lifestyle Prizes, each valued at $500,000; to Gold Bullion, Prestige Cars, a brand-new Metricon Home in the location of your choice, and motor homes, caravans, farm machinery, holidays, marine craft, trucks and motorbikes. There’s a whopping 138 prizes to be won in this Deaf Lottery, so with your generous support we’ll be able to provide assistance to deaf people and empower them to achieve their dreams. Please remember that, the more tickets you purchase, the more opportunities you have to win a fabulous prize, and the more we’re able to help the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people in our communities. So, these are your First Prize Choices!

Option No. 1: Lifestyle or Investment

You choose, and we’ll build your dream Metricon Home or investment property! You might decide to build your luxurious home on your own parcel of land, or perhaps on a new lot as part of one of the specially chosen packages offered by Metricon Homes and its partners. Simply select your preferred location, choose the design you love, and your dream home is very close to becoming a reality. And that’s not all! You also win up to $400,000 in Gold Bullion in addition to $20,000 in cash, just to assist with your purchase. That means that your total prize pool comes to $500,000; enough to build your dream Metricon home.

Option No. 2: Getaway Lifestyle

Most of us at one time or another have wished we could just drop everything, pack up, leave our worries behind, and start travelling around this beautiful country we call home. Well, your dream could well become a reality! With a windfall of $500,000 you could travel around Australia in your brand new Caravan and 4WD or Motorhome. You might choose to spend the lot, or save the $20,000 Cash and $400,000 Gold Bullion for a rainy day. Alternatively, you might prefer the 24ft AVIDA ‘Topaz’ 72 Series Caravan and a Toyota Land Cruiser GXL – in addition to the $20,000 in cash and $300,000 in Gold Bullion. Special Features of the AVIDA ‘Topaz’ Caravan include:

  • Fully equipped, modern kitchen;
  • ‘Slide-out’ for increased living area;
  • Spacious bathroom, complete with separate toilet and shower;
  • Range of modern electrical and white goods; and
  • So much more!

Option No. 3: Mortgage Buster

Have you ever stopped to consider what you’d do if you won $500,000? Would you pay off the mortgage and get rid of all that credit card debt? Perhaps you’d buy that business you always wanted, or blow the lot on the holiday of a lifetime?Alternatively, you could finally purchase that dream car you’ve wanted since you were just a teenager, but could never afford. How would it feel to hold the keys to a Maserati Ghibli S in your hand – YOUR keys! Plus don’t forget, in addition to that fabulous car, you also get $20,000 in Cash and $300,000 in Gold Bullion! Imagine showing off your new car to family and friends!Perhaps the Maserati isn’t your idea of a dream car. That’s fine, because you’re free to choose any vehicle you like, plus receive $450,000 in Gold Bullion and $20,000 in Cash. Imagine the lifestyle!

Option No. 4: Design Your Own Lifestyle

When you WIN $500,000 you have the choice of prizes; whatever suits your lifestyle best. What’s on your Bucket-List? Would you –

  • Take a cruise around the world;
  • Buy that dream sailing boat;
  • Purchase His and Hers BMW’s;
  • Use the Cash to pay for your daughter’s wedding;
  • Throw the biggest party your town has ever seen!
  • Buy Gift Cards for all your family and close friends;
  • Or, invest the Gold Bullion for your future?

You could be ticking off some of these items VERY soon! If you purchase the winning ticket in Deaf Lottery No. 153 you could have some very important decisions to make. The choice is yours! So, please, don’t put off purchasing your tickets in this very important lottery, because besides possibly changing your life forever, you’ll be making a huge contribution towards helping us assist people who really do need our help.