Everyone’s got their own ideas about what they’d do if they won the lottery. Get rid of debts, start a business, retire early, travel the world, built their dream home. With the Deaf Lottery, anything’s possible. If you’re the lucky winner in draw 172, you’ll get to choose between 4 terrific options that let you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Build the perfect home, see the country through the windscreen of your new luxury motorhome, or burn your mortgage papers. This is the lottery that gives you $650,000 worth of flexibility, freedom, and endless choice.

Option 1: Build with Metricon

This is the option for anyone who’s always wanted to live in a custom home designed by one of the country’s top builders. With an $80,000 down payment waiting for you at Metricon, you can really let your imagination run free. They’ll build exactly what you’re looking for, either on your own lot or one provided as part of a special lot/home package. Choose the design that’s right for you and feel free to make any changes to the floor plan or features you want to create your perfect home. You’ll have another $550,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to put towards construction or added extras like a pool, a spa, professional landscaping, luxurious furnishings or top-of-the-line electricals.

Option 2: Take it On the Road

Many people have a fantasy that begins by waking up to breakfast over an open fire, miles from anywhere with only the call of the birds to break the tranquil silence. If that’s your idea of heaven, you need a motorhome to take you there. This option gives you the choice of purchasing either a motorhome or caravan and 4WD combo to begin your new getaway lifestyle. Spend a minimum of $80,000 and still have another $550,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to get exactly what you want. Go big and go home with this RV lover’s dream.

Option 3: Wipe Out Your Mortgage

Nothing says freedom like kissing-off your mortgage payments. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep your paycheck instead of carving off a chunk and giving it to the bank each month? Start by spending at least $30,000 on a new vehicle. A truck, van, sedan or luxury sports car — it doesn’t matter. Just choose whatever you’d most like to see parked in the driveway of a home you finally own free and clear of debt. That will leave up to $600,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to pay the bank and rip up the papers. Anything left over is yours to spend any way you please, and you might want to start with a bottle of bubbly to toast your new mortgage free lifestyle.

Option 4: Customize Your Prize Package

Get ready for the ultimate shopping spree. You’ll be handed $80,000 to spend on a list of toys that includes cars, bikes, boats, caravans, campers, trucks, farm machinery and just about anything else you can think of that moves across land or water. Then there’s another $550,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash to invest, retire early, start a business, see the world or spend any other way you please. The Deaf Lottery gives you the chance to create a first prize package that’s exactly right for whatever lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Remember These Dates

10 June 2018: deadline to be entered into all three Early Bird Bonus Draws.

8 July 2018: Deaf lottery draw #172 closes.

12 July 2018: the draw will be held at 467 Enoggera Road, Alderly QLD 4051 at 11:00am AEST.

You are always invited to attend the draw and experience the excitement in person.

Winners of the $650,000 first prize package will receive a phone call and also be notified through the post.

Additional Prizes to be Won

2ND PRIZE $5,000 MasterCard Debit Card
3RD PRIZE $3,000 MasterCard Debit Card
4TH & 5TH PRIZES $2,000 MasterCard Debit Cards
6TH – 10TH PRIZES $1,000 MasterCard Debit Cards
11TH – 100TH PRIZES $200 MasterCard Debit Cards

Three More Bonus Draws

You always want to get your tickets early for the Deaf Lottery because it features three early-bird draws that you won’t want to miss. Purchasing a minimum of $20 worth of consecutive tickets before the following deadlines puts you in the running for up to $30,000 worth of valuable prizes.

Purchase tickets on or before midnight on 10 June 2018 to win one of 5 Travel Vouchers or MasterCard Debit Cards, each worth $2,000, in the Kick-Off draw. You’ll also be automatically entered into the Half-time and Full-time bonus draws for a chance at another $20,000 in prizes. If you miss the deadline, you’ll still be entered into these last two draws if you make your purchases on or before midnight on 24 June 2018.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Purchase Your Tickets

Buying a ticket book by June 10th, 2018 automatically gives you a chance to win your share of $30,000 worth of Travel Vouchers and MasterCard Debit Cards. On top of that, ticket books add valuable gold bullion to the first prize package.

Tickets Start from just $2Buy a book of tickets for more chances to Win the Big PrizeMore chances to Win PrizesBonus Prizes For 1st Prize Winner.
$2 Ticket1 chance to win 1st Prize100 chances to Win a Prize
$10 Book purchase5 Chances to Win 1st Prize500 Chances to Win a Prize$5,000 in Gold Bullion
$20 Book purchase10 Chances to Win 1st Prize1050 Chances to Win a Prize$15,000 in Gold Bullion
$30 Book purchase15 Chances to Win 1st Prize1,575 Chances to Win a Prize$25,000 Cash
$50 Book purchase25 Chances to Win 1st Prize2,625 Chances to Win a Prize$35,000 Gold Bullion
$100 Book purchase50 Chances to Win 1st Prize5,250 Chances to Win a Prize. $55,000 in Gold Bullion
$200 Book Purchase100 Chances to Win 1st Prize10,500 Chances to Win a Prize$55,000 Gold Bullion, plus entry into the $30,000 VIP Draw.

Thank you for supporting Deaf Lottery Australia. Your ticket purchases support services for the deaf and hard of hearing and is much appreciated. Good luck in the draw!