Win your dream bayside home described as “genuinely breathtaking” valued at $850,000 in Australia or get a chance to buy your favourite car by taking part in this lucky draw!

Get ready to experience the most exciting event of your life. If you take part in the Deaf Lottery Lucky Draw No. 183, you could win a 1st prize valued at $850,000! The winner has the option of choosing his or her own lifestyle by choosing among a number of options. If you want a bayside luxury home, a car of your dreams or simply cash to spend according to your desires, now is the chance to make that dream come true!

The lottery offers a total prize pool of $997,000 with a number of prizes for all participants. It is different and unique as it does not offer a furnished home by the beach or a luxurious villa anywhere in Australia. Instead it gives the winner a chance to build their own home according to their own preferences when it comes to the floor plan or façade. And the best part is, it allows them to choose just about any home design by Metricon that falls within the range.

Keep reading on to find out more about all the prize options as well as other prizes and ticket books.

Prize Options Available

There are four incredible lifestyle packages available for the 1st prize winner;

  1. Your Dream Home
  2. Mortgage Buster
  3. Getaway Lifestyle
  4. Design Your Own

All three options are valued at $850,000, which means the winner can decide what they want to do with the money they win through this lottery. Here are the details of each one of these options.

  1. Build Your Dream Home

As the first prize option, you can build your own home with Metricon on your own land. This option is known as Investment or Lifestyle. The architecture of the home as well as all other details will be handled by Metricon. What they offer is their newest addition to the signature collection of homes known as Bayville. You can choose from 4 to 5 bedrooms and 3 facades. The beautiful exterior of the home speaks of the luxury and comfort that wait inside. The three facades are shown in the pictures below.

Many Australians would want to live in a beautiful, picturesque location close to the ocean. The home offered by Metricon is going to be an ideal abode with all the modern amenities and an attractive floor plan. You can check out all the details in the flyer including the interior and exterior.

The winner has the choice of 5 floor plans to choose from depending on their living needs and size of family. Choose this option if you would like to benefit from the absolute comfort and amazingly stylish touches that are characteristic of Metricon constructions.

deaf lottery draw 183 home

  1. Win Your Dream Car

The second option known as Mortgage Buster involves getting a car of your dreams along with gold bullion equivalent to the remaining amount left after purchasing the car. For example, if you choose a car worth $30,000 the remaining $800,000 is received in gold bullion and $20,000 in cash.

This is again an attractive option and suitable for those who are not in need of a new home. They would rather keep the money or buy a car that they always wanted to buy.

  1. Getaway Lifestyle

This is the prize option 3 in which you have a chance to win the motorhome or caravan and 4WD of your own choice. The remaining amount (up to $750,000) is going to be received in gold bullion.

The prize includes money so that the winner may spend it according to their own preference. In this prize option, you have to spend a minimum of $80,000 towards the purchase of a motorhome or caravan and 4WD.

  1. Design Your Own

This option involves a dream lifestyle arranged JUST for you! You could decide to travel around the world with your prize money or buy holiday vouchers, marine crafts or motorbikes.

In addition, you also get a maximum of $750,000 in gold bullion and $20,000 cash. When you choose this option, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $80,000 towards the purchase of anything that would add luxury and class to your life.

Other Prizes

These four options are given to the winner of the 1st prize but there are many other prizes as well. There are a total of 154 prizes offered in the Draw 183 so you have a huge chance of winning something at least!

There are special prizes as well, such as Book Buyer Prizes valued at $30,000 in total. These prizes are going to be distributed among five winners who buy a book of tickets. The lottery also offers bonus prizes every year and a chance to get enrolled into the VIP Club so that you would be automatically included into every new draw.

The ticket book is priced at $200 (contains 100 tickets), $100 (contains 50 tickets) and $50 (contains 25 tickets) down to $10 for the last choice. The minimum number of tickets you can order is 5.

The lottery is going to be drawn on 6th February, 2020. Don’t wait; order your tickets today and enter into the contest of winning a multitude of prizes that no other lottery in the world offers!

Help the Deaf Community

The funds raised by selling out draw tickets are going to be used for the welfare of Deaf Australians. So, it’s a great chance to become a part of a good cause and you will also have peace of mind even if you don’t win the lottery that your money was not wasted. What better combination of contributing to such a cause and participating in the lucky draw. Get your tickets now so that you can enter the contest of winning an amazing luxury home and also support the deaf community in Australia.