If you’ve ever wanted to own a house, a boat, a new car, or a motorhome, you need to know about this fantastic prize draw. Deaf Lottery Prize Home Draw 187 offers you the opportunity to win any of these, or perhaps a combination of these amazing prizes! That’s because this draw lets you design your ultimate prize package to suit your tastes.

The money raised by Draw 187 funds the incredible work of Deaf Services. This is a non-profit organisation that helps out people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Remember that the money you spend on tickets for this draw is going to a fantastic cause.

The draw is going down on Thursday 27 August 2020 and on that day, you just might be faced with a tough decision. Will you build a home? Pay off your mortgage? Travel? There are 4 prize options to choose from, so let’s lay them out for you. They are:

  • Investment and Lifestyle
  • Mortgage Buster
  • Getaway Lifestyle
  • Design Your Own

The Investment and Lifestyle package lets you either get into investment or build a marvellous new home.

Mortgage Buster offers gold bullion that you can use to pay off your mortgage as well as a new car of your choice.

Getaway Lifestyle is ideal for those who love to get out on the road and see new places around our wonderful country in a motorhome or 4WD and caravan.

Design Your Own provides you with the opportunity to buy a boat, motorbike, or get some travel vouchers. The rest of the prize value will be offered to you in a combination of gold bullion and cash.

Regardless of the prize you choose, you’ll be spoilt with $800,000 worth of prizes!

Prize Options

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the options you would receive if you managed to be the lucky first prize winner of this draw. Thursday 27 August 2020 is the day that you may find yourself choosing between the following options…

Investment or Lifestyle

The first option the first prize winner will receive is the Investment or Lifestyle package. What does that involve? You’ll get the opportunity to either enter the investors’ market or build a stunning new home.

If you already own a home, you might not be too keen to build another one. In this case, you can go with the investment option. Invest wisely and you’ll start seeing returns on your investments build up.

For those who aren’t into investing, you might enjoy building a home for your family. This prize includes the option of a Metricon House and Land package. Build the home wherever you like — Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, or elsewhere. Many people would love to live closer to family or have the beach close by. Where would you move to?

With this Metricon-built home, you get to personalise many of the features to your liking. There are 14 facades to select between to create a home that looks the way you want it to. Then you get to opt for one of the six floor plans to best suit you and your family.

The Home

This home offers your family four bedrooms and almost as many living areas. The three living areas are divided across the two floors of the house. On the ground floor, you’ll find the sitting area, perfect for a kid’s playroom. Then there is the living room that’s part of the open plan kitchen and dining area. Upstairs, there is another open plan living area coming off the bedrooms.

This home has 2.5 bathrooms, with a powder room downstairs, an ensuite in the master bedroom, and a bathroom upstairs.

You’ll love luxuriating in the incredible master bedroom that has a balcony where you can sit outside and soak up the sun. You’ll have room to spare with an entire wall of wardrobes — even those with massive shoe or clothing collections are sure to fit it all in.

The kitchen is one of the most impressive areas of the home. If you enjoy cooking, then you need this kitchen in your life. It has a butler’s pantry, offering space off to the side so you can prep and keep the mess out of sight. In the kitchen itself, there is a kitchen island for both extra bench space and casual seating.

This home also has an undercover outdoor seating area, where you can relax and have a meal, no matter what the weather is doing. This covered area will protect you from both rain and shine, depending on the season.

Mortgage Buster

Those who already have a mortgage may not want to build a new home. That’s why there is also the Mortgage Buster option up for grabs. This prize offers you up to $750,000 worth of gold bullion to enable you to get rid of that mortgage.

Not only that, but you will be able to buy an amazing car as part of this package. Whichever type of car you want, the choice is all yours. Whether you’re after a family wagon, a two-seater convertible, or something else, you’ll be able to get it.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also be the recipient of $20,000 in cash. Perhaps you’ll purchase some upgrades for your home or spend it on road trips in your new car.

Getaway Lifestyle

If you wish you could just get away from everything life throws at you, you can do it with the Getaway Lifestyle package. This prize offers you the choice of either a 4WD and a caravan, or a lush motorhome.

Whether you’re more into the caravan life or want everything all in one, this is the ideal traveller’s prize package.

After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll have any money left over given to you as gold bullion up to the value of $700,000. You’ll also be able to grab $20,000 cash to spend on whatever you like.

Design Your Own

Finally, you have the option of the Design Your Own prize. This provides a unique opportunity to choose whichever prize you prefer. Choose between travel vouchers, a speedy motorbike, or a swanky new boat. After you’ve chosen your perfect prize, you’ll receive the rest of the prize value as $20,000 cash and up to $700,000 worth of gold bullion.

Regardless of your lifestyle, there is something for everyone in this prize option.

Save the Date

On Thursday 27 August 2020, Deaf Lottery Draw 187 will be drawn. Enter before Sunday 23 August 2020 or miss out!

Buying $20 or more of tickets before 2 August 2020 will get you into the early bird draw. This will give you five chances to score $2,000 in cash.

More tickets = more chances at the first prize, so stock up to win! There is also a bonus for the first prize winner if they purchased a ticket book. For example, the $50 ticket book earns you an extra $20,000 of gold bullion if you win.

Support Deaf Australians

The money raised through this lottery draw supports the work of Deaf Services. They are a not-for-profit that works in the community helping the deaf and hard of hearing. The work they do includes early intervention for children and Australian Sign Language courses.

Grab your tickets today to help out the deaf community all across the country.