Take hold of your destiny by purchasing a ticket for the Deaf Lottery Prize Draw 188 today. This draw is offering one lucky winner the chance to choose their own prize package worth $800,000.

The question is, what would you do with all that money? You could invest it, buy a boat or car, or build a home. There are countless ways that you could enjoy this wonderful prize.

There are 4 prize package options available to the winner of this draw. Each one provides you with $800,000 to spend how you choose. Select any of the following:

  • Investment and Lifestyle
  • Mortgage Buster
  • Getaway Lifestyle
  • Design Your Own

Maybe your dream is to zoom around the country in a luxe campervan, setting up camp wherever you like. This is a fantastic way to see the many gorgeous landscapes our country has to offer. You can visit all the lakes, rivers, mountains, and beaches that you’ve always dreamed of seeing. You’ll even have a little extra money in your pocket to fund the journey.

Or perhaps you’re more intrigued by the chance to build a house, choose a brand new car, or invest in a cause you believe in. The reason this prize draw is so compelling is that it’s up to you how you spend the prize.

Prize Options

If someone gave you $800,000 right now, how would you spend it? Whether you’re a saver or a splurger, there’s an option for everyone in the Deaf Lottery Prize Draw 188.

The winner of this draw will be drawn on Thursday 15 October 2020. Grab your tickets today or risk missing out on winning one of the fabulous prizes described below.

Investment or Lifestyle

The Investment or Lifestyle package provides you with the opportunity to build an incredible Metricon-designed home. You get to choose the home, land, and location. Build on a piece of land you already own or start checking out your favourite destinations. Go for city life in Sydney or a beachy lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast.

You’ll have a house that’s all yours and you can decide whether to move into it or rent it out. Having a rental property is a great investment that can earn you excellent annual returns. This money could go towards funding more investments or help you pay for family holidays.

However, it’s possible that after you have chosen the design, facade, and details of the home that you won’t be able to resist moving in. The chance to build a home designed for you and your family doesn’t come around every day, so why not take this opportunity?

The Home

The home you could decide to build is a 4-bedroom family home. Add in the option of additional living areas to provide your kids with a playroom or your teenagers with their own space to get away. If you often work from home, you could turn one of these living rooms into an expansive home office.

In this home, you will be cooking your meals in the kitchen where everything is in easy reach and there’s plenty of bench space available. The butler’s pantry provides extra storage options and a place to pop any mess out of sight when you have guests over. Eat a quick breakfast gathered around the kitchen island, enjoying the company of your family before the workday begins.

The roomy master bedroom features mirrored closets along one wall, in addition to a walk-in wardrobe. The room has a large ensuite as well as a deck. Out on your private deck, there is more than enough space for a table and chairs so you can enjoy eating, reading, or relaxing outside.

The open plan living room leads onto an outdoor seating area. Gather around the fireplace to stay warm on chillier evenings and be protected from the elements thanks to this covered space.

Mortgage Buster

Ever wished that you could own a fancy car? Sail around in a convertible with the wind in your hair or purchase a Lamborghini with the Mortgage Buster prize package. When you choose this prize, you will be able to choose a brand new car and get the rest of the $800,000 prize value in a combination of Gold Bullion and cash.

So, why is it called the Mortgage Buster? Because you’ll be able to use the money left over from the car purchase to pay off your mortgage. Get rid of that debt and feel yourself de-stress as you drive off in your new car.

Getaway Lifestyle

Every family needs a holiday from time to time to unwind and spend quality time together. The Getaway Lifestyle package is here to make that easier. This prize offers you the chance to take a journey whenever you like. No need to plan, just hit the open road and see where you end up.

You’ll get to select one of the following:

  • A campervan — choose the best campervan that money can buy to keep living a luxurious lifestyle even when you’re on the road. You can find options that come with endless gas hot water, a washing machine, and even a full-size double bed.
  • A caravan and 4WD - grab a 4WD and a caravan to match. Drive around until you find a beautiful campsite and then park for the night. The great thing about this option is that you can take off the caravan to use your 4WD every day. Just reattach the caravan when you’re off on your next journey.

Very soon, you could find yourself making the difficult choice between these two options. Any of the total prize amount that you don’t spend you will receive in cash and Gold Bullion. Use this money to pay for all the activities that will make your next family trip that much more exciting.

Design Your Own

If none of the above prize options suits you, don’t worry, the Design Your Own prize is the ideal alternative. This prize offers you the chance to receive any prize you like. Choose a combination of vehicles, marine craft, or travel vouchers. Plus receive up to $700,000 in Gold Bullion and up to $20,000 in cash.

Use this money to fund your new business venture, help your kids with a house deposit, or save it up for a rainy day.

Save the Date

At only $2 each, tickets to this draw are a bargain. You may even want to buy a ticket book to give yourself even more chances to win. But do it quickly, because entries into the Deaf Lottery Prize Home Draw 188 close on Sunday 11th October 2020.

The winner will be drawn a few days later on Thursday 15 October 2020. Wait by the phone and check your mail because the winner will be notified via text, phone, email, or mail.

Support Deaf Australians

Deaf Lottery was established to offer fundraising support to Deaf Services. Deaf Services is a not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial services to those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. For 110 years now, they have been offering their services to help people in this community gain independence. They run Australian Sign Language programs and early intervention programs to people who need them.

Without the funds raised from the Deaf Lottery draws, people would have to go without these services. When you spend money on tickets to this draw, remember that the proceeds are going to a worthy cause. So, dig deep and buy your tickets today to support Deaf Australians.