We all dream of having a home right out of a movie scene. Imagine having a gorgeous home that is just your taste and a perfect fit for you and your family. The endeavor is home draw 425 gives you the chance to become the owner of a million-dollar home overnight!

You can win this family home just in time for Christmas. This $1.2 Million Estate on the sunshine coast is in the suburbs of Woombye. It is just what you would want your house to be!

The beautiful home has four bedrooms, three baths, a gorgeous alfresco for you to enjoy your evenings on and a pool that overlooks the entire valley. The house and view it offers are mesmerizing.

It is a perfect home for your friends and family to relax, hang around in, and have a fantastic time! The significant part is that you get to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you and the beauty that is the sunshine coast as well!

This is not all that the prize gets you. This $1.2 million grand prize also includes a 10,000 cashable gold bullion that you could use for whatever you like!

In addition to that, it includes a 6-month security monitoring fee, title transfer fees, and there are no other hidden costs. The greatest part of the whole pack is that the house is fully furnished and has all kinds of electrical appliances you might need!

All you have to do is get a $10 ticket, and you have entered the draw of your dreams! However, first, let’s find out a little more about what this house has to offer and whether it’s the right fit for you!

Your beautiful home worth $1.2 Million

Your gorgeous home on the sunshine coast has one of the greatest floor plans that you will ever come across. Overall the land size is 1505 m2.

This includes:

  • A garage area of 111m2
  • Outdoor space and pool of 118 m2
  • The total indoor living area od 388 m2
  • And the total area of 617 m2!

The house has two stories and is fully furnished for you, your friends, and your family. The architects neatly design the floor plans.

You have a living room with an attached dining and kitchen area. You can host large parties, have dinners, and enjoy your time in this home. The great part is that there is also a game room for your children to stay busy while the adults have their fun.

Imagine the luxury in this gorgeous house! It has a separate game room where you can set up whatever you like, but you will also find a snooker table to spend time with your loved ones. You also have options for setting up a pinball machine, foosball table, or whatever your heart desires.

The master suite is also attached to the Ensuites and a walk-in wardrobe. You also get a separate linen closet and a laundry room with an attached bath. The luxury and convenience of this home see no end.

The themes of the bathroom, bedrooms, and living spaces are perfectly tired together with pops of vibrant color, sunlight, and spacious floor plans.

This home is perhaps one of the greatest luxuries you will ever come across. There are three open and spacious bedrooms apart from the master suite. This house can cater to more prominent families very easily.

The house also has a media room to sit around, lounge, watch TV and play games. You can set up a projector, a gaming console, and enjoy your mini theatre.

Outdoor Luxuries

If you are more of an outdoors person and enjoy the calm winds and the sunsets, then you might find the alfresco to be your favorite spot in the house. There is a spacious verandah as well that looks over the entire valley.

Moreover, you can enjoy sunsets, tea parties and just go out there to relax and destress.

Now coming to the garage- you have ample space to store up to 3 cars, and there is a separate garage for parking a caravan. You also get an additional space for your work area fully equipped with tools and machinery.

As soon as you step out of the house, you will find a small garden and a gorgeous pool that overlooks the scenic beauty of the sunshine coast. The pool is great for parties, barbecues, and just a fun weekend with the kids!

The great part is you also get additional outdoor storage with a bath and a sink! There is luxury comfort an experience wherever you go in this estate and definitely an offer you would not like to pass out on.

Features of your home in 19 Ridgeview Place, Woombye QLD 4559

  • Has a total area of 1505 m2
  • Four gorgeous bedrooms
  • Three spacious bathrooms
  • Ample storage space both indoors and outdoors
  • Kitchen fully furnished with appliances
  • Pantry for food storage
  • Attached Dining area with beautiful themes
  • A wonderful Master Suite
  • Attached ensuite with a walk-in wardrobe
  • A media room for watching the tube
  • Game room with different activities
  • Stunning Verandah overlooking the valley
  • Garage space for three cars
  • Garage space for a caravan
  • Separate workshop well equipped with tools
  • Outdoor pool
  • Garden strip and area
  • Outdoor storage and pool changing area

Get a steady income!

This is not all that you get! If this house is not for you or you’re already well settled, then you can use this opportunity to get a steady income!

This place is a hot property, and it has a lot of rental potentials as well. If you rent out this house fully furnished, then you can earn $52,000 per annum.

However, the unfurnished apartment can go for $46,800 per annum, as well. Regardless it is a hefty amount, and it can help you save some money and invest in your future!

Not only that, but you could also sell the entire house and finance your dreams the way you want to! The options have no end!

Get the Early Bird prize.

If you plan to enter this grand draw before 15 November, then you can also avail of the early bird prize!

The early bird prize offers you a whopping $5000 cash prize to take a trip to the beautiful Philippines! The land of scenic natural beauty and culture. Dip your toes in the ocean, enjoy the local cuisine and destress.

In addition to this, if you join by 15 November you enter all 4 of the Christmas draws! (More are the chances of winning!) This gives you the chance to win a Ford Ranger Wildtrak and $10,000 Christmas cash!

Save the dates

If you plan to participate in the draw, then make sure you have circled some dates on your calendar. The lottery closes at 7:00 PM AEST, Wednesday 11 December 11 December 2019. After this, the sale of tickets will not continue, so it is better to get them well in advance.

Apart from time, there is also a ticket quota which may run out before the deadline, so participate while you still have the chance.

Apart from that, there’s another important date! The lottery is drawn on 11 AM AEST, Wednesday 18 December 18 December 2019. Winners are notified via Mail and make sure you are alert on that day!

There is a proper procedure to notify participants. Phone, as well as Registered Post, notifies the winners. However, you can also view the results of the draw on the website after each lottery has been drawn.

If at the time of registry, you have submitted an email address then you will receive an email from Endeavour regarding the draw results

Get your tickets right now

If you plan to participate, then here is a ticket plan for you. A single ticket costs $10 only! Imagine winning a $1.2 million home with a cost as low as that.

However, the great part is that the more tickets you buy, the more you save! While 30 tickets could have been $300, the deal offers you to avail them for a $100 only!

Here is more information on the tickets and their prices-

1 ticket$10
4 ticket$30
10 tickets$50
14 tickets$60
30 tickets$100

These funds are helping out people in need!

Your lottery funds all go to a great cause. Each dollar helps a family in need. These funds go towards the At Home With Choices program. The support you provide helps build accessible houses for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are restricted from public spaces and even their own homes due to a lack of infrastructure and technology. Your funds contribute towards those people with a disability, so they can have more choice about the places they live in!

Through this amazing organization called the At Home With Choices project, we can offer the disabled a chance to be more self-sufficient as well. It can help contribute to their living skills and give them better control and autonomy over their lives.