If you want to become the sole owner of a dream luxury home at the best location in Australia, participate in the lucky draw 426 and make your dream a reality!

The home is located at Birtinya in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, a place in Queensland Australia that gives people a chance to enjoy true island-style living. The most popular types of homes in this part of the country are townhouses and terrace homes. The area has been well-maintained over the years and the residents get to enjoy waterfront parks, dedicated bikeways and the famous Bokarina Beach.

Want to know more about the million dollar home that could become yours overnight? It comes with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has an exterior that you would simply fall in love with. The home offers amazing opportunities for both indoor and outdoor entertainment owing to its unique architecture. If the location and design of the home is not enough to excite you, wait till you learn about its décor and furnishings!

Features of the Prize Home

This beautiful, dream coastal home is a perfect example of modern décor and latest trends in architectural design. More and more homes in Australia are now being built on the principles of energy saving and this home is no different. Not only will you be able to save huge amounts of money on your energy bills but also enjoy a luxury, island-style living in an inexpensive way.

One of the most prominent features of this prize home is its media room that can be converted to a game room or any other kind of setting that you prefer. Install a full-size LED or decorate it with all the gaming accessories that you might need and have a full-fledged studio right in your home.

The rooms have been planned to receive maximum sunlight to avoid spending money on expensive lighting. The windows are also energy efficient and you will have a lot of fun purchasing blinds for each of these lovely windows. The kitchen comes equipped with all the electrical appliances that you might need. It is a fully furnished area with a pantry and a layout that offers ample opportunities for customisation.

Outdoor Entertainment

One of the most exciting things about a coastal home is the unlimited outdoor fun that it might offer. And this one is no different. Entertain your guests amidst stunning sunsets and peaceful evenings on a luxury veranda that comes with a wooden floor. You can decorate this area according to your own preferences and even if you like to be alone most of the time, you can have some quality time here reading a book or sipping on a hot cup of coffee. The home is just perfect for a couple who is just starting out their life together. It is also a family home as there are tons of opportunities for children to have fun.

Bathroom Design

A universally accessible and minimalist design is what people in Australia prefer for their bathroom. This makes it possible for people of all ages regardless of their level of physical fitness to have a relaxing time in the bathroom. All the bathrooms of this beautiful home come equipped with modern amenities ranging from a vanity to a matching mirror and contemporary sanitary fittings.

There are a total of three bathrooms in this house, which are more than enough even for a large family. In fact, it is one of those features that make this house more preferable.

All the bathrooms are furnished and the one attached to the master suite offers a true luxury experience as it also includes a modern bathtub. It is possible to customise it just like the kitchen and other areas of the home by installing a new vanity or updating the mirror or the medicine cabinet.

It is Possible to Rent it Out

Even if you don’t plan on living in the house yourself, it is always possible to rent it out in order to earn some extra cash on a weekly basis. This beautiful luxury coastal home has the ability to earn more than $50,000 per annum, which is quite impressive!

Imagine adding an extra source of income to support your expenses and even buy a new home at some other location using that cash. All this can become a reality if you decide to participate in the lucky Draw 426 right away. Remember, the tickets are open only for a limited time and may even get sold out faster than that. They are not very expensive either and the fact that this money would be spent on needy people makes this draw even more attractive.

You now have a chance to buy a single ticket for $10 or up to 30 tickets for just $100! The more the tickets, the higher are your chances to win the house. So, save the dates and start acting fast. If you win, it could become a perfect example of a dream coming true!


Who wouldn’t want to live in the coastal paradise of Australia in a home that is fully furnished and impressively constructed? Well, that dream can be turned to reality simply by buying a few tickets from the Endeavour 426, which is to be drawn on 20th February, 2020. What is more exciting about this lucky draw is that, the funds raised through sale of tickets is going to be used for the welfare Australians living with a disability.

So, owning a luxury home is not the only motivation for becoming a part of this draw. You also get to enjoy $10,000 cashable gold bullion for rates, water and travel if you win this house. There is no need to worry about the maintenance charges or security bills at least for the first six months. The house will be transferred in your home totally free of charge! So, there are absolutely no hidden costs that you might be dreading.

What a great way to start a new year!