Have you ever dreamt of enjoying the beauty of world famous beaches right from the comfort of your home? Now is the chance to win an amazing beachfront furnished apartment simply by taking part in the Surf Lottery Draw 197!

The famous area of the Gold Coast in Queensland is characterized by world-class restaurants and shopping districts. Imagine living in an apartment in this location that consists of a complete array of high-rise buildings including the popular Q1, which is the fifth tallest building in the world.

The apartment that has been chosen as prize home for this lottery comes with all the features of a true luxury home. It includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms over a total area of 142 sqm. The apartment has been valued at $1.1 million.

The impressive floor plan of the house along with its amenities makes it one of the most desirable accommodations in Australia. It directly overlooks the unlimited stretch of the beach and offers stunning views of the scenery especially at sunrise and sunset.

Features of the Apartment

Like other luxury apartments in the Gold Coast, this one also comes with the modern amenities and offers a comfortable living style to a family with kids. Three fully-furnished bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a balcony that overlooks the beach and a living area with an open-plan kitchen are some of the most prominent features of this apartment.

The living area has been designed to be extremely comfortable and a TV is also included with a TV rack. Sliding glass doors open to a balcony where an extra dining table is placed.

The home is located in the famous Jefferson apartment complex, which is one of the most prestigious buildings in the locale. The stylish, boutique apartment is not only unique but also very cosy and inviting. The best thing about this prize home is that it comes with all the modern amenities as well as electrical appliances that a family might need.

These appliances are fitted in their respective locations in the kitchen or the living area. The beds, sofas and other furniture all reflect a contemporary and millionaire lifestyle. Get ready to wake up every day in a home you love and which allows you to breathe in sea air and listen to the soothing sound of the saves every morning.

There are ample opportunities to entertain your guests in this cosy apartment. You can open up the doors to the balcony to extend the dining and the living area when there are guests in the house. Not only will it make them impressed by the stunning scenery outside but also give a chance to have lots of fun at the party. Since the kitchen is open-plan, you can serve the guests while taking part in the conversations never having to waste a single moment.

The apartment is not very huge but it is still very comfortable and cosy. Everything from the railings to the floors is designed in style and luxury for a true millionaire lifestyle. The third extra bedroom can be converted into a guest room to have your friends or relatives sleep over whenever they want. The home is perfect for a small family as it comes with two bathrooms fully equipped with modern facilities including a shower and sink as well as a vanity for storage.

There will not be a single moment of boredom in this beautiful and stylish home because you can not only enjoy the luxury interiors but also have tons of opportunities to have fun on the Gold Coast. Visit a nearby restaurant or a shop or simply enjoy the beauty of the beach by taking a stroll down the sand. The surrounding suburbs including Surfers Paradise are also located close by so you can have access to literally hundreds of attractions and activities when you decide to live in a home by the ocean!

Highlights of Palm Beach

The famous coastal suburb known as Palm Beach in Queensland, Australia needs no introduction. It is located 14km from Surfers Paradise.

Both these locations are considered highly prized areas of Australia owing to their beautiful natural surroundings and impressive new developments that have been taking place over the years.

If you have had a chance to see a 1960’s holiday home in one of those romantic movies surrounded by the beach and nestled in a peaceful environment, now is your chance to actually live in it!

Although in the movie the area is usually shown to be secluded, this one is now fully developed with a number of facilities offered right in your complex.

The area is sometimes referred to as an “entertainer’s paradise” because all the residential buildings including the Jefferson complex come equipped with a function room and a spa and a number of other facilities for the residents.

You can entertain your guests by getting access to these exclusive areas whenever you want.

Even if you don’t plan on living in the apartment, you can easily rent it out for an impressive $39,000 rental income per year! Another way to make some extra money is to convert it into a holiday home as many travellers look for furnished apartments by the beach when they are on a vacation in Australia.

All this could be yours only if you decide to spend a little money today and wait for the lottery to be drawn. There is also an additional bonus of $50,000 in gold bullion to help the family start their new lifestyle in luxury and comfort.

Participating in the Surf Lottery Draw 197

The lottery is closing on 17th February, 2020 so you have exactly 59 days to buy the tickets and become a part of it. The tickets are not very expensive and anyone regardless of their age and educational background can participate in the draw. Just remember to save the dates when the lottery will be closed and the winner will be drawn.

There is going to be only one winner of the prize home but keep in mind that there are several other bonus prizes that comprise of $10,000 to $50,000 in gold bullion.

Tickets now available!

The great thing about this lottery is the more tickets you buy, the more you save! Here is a table illustrating the cost of tickets!

Number of ticketsTotal Price
1 Ticket$2
3 Tickets$5
6 Tickets$10
20 Tickets$20
40 Tickets$30
70 Tickets$50