Ever imagined what it would be like living in a luxurious city apartment in the heart of Brisbane? With Surf Lottery Draw 198 you can dare to dream!

Surf Lottery is giving you the chance to win a beautifully furnished home worth $1.2 million in the tallest Brisbane building!

The apartment covers a total area of 108 sqm comprising 2.5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms; offering a true taste of luxury style living for the entire family. It is fully equipped with all the amenities anyone could desire in this modern city home.

Will you be the next Surf Lottery luck winner? Support the incredible cause and go in the draw, this home is available only if you take part in the Surf Lottery Draw No. 198.

Living in Brisbane

Brisbane city life is all about excitement and having unlimited fun! Imagine seeing the city lights coming to life at night while sitting and relaxing in your comfortable living area.

Not only is Brisbane considered one of the safest cities in Australia because of the low crime rate, but it comes with a unique city lifestyle due to the number of entertainment, dining and shopping opportunities. If you happen to be the winner of this lottery, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to shift to your new apartment and start enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Brisbane Skytower has recently been completed and it is one of the architectural wonders as well as the tallest residential complex in the city. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a building where so many facilities are offered to the residents? The apartments in this building set new standards of luxury living as they are designed to offer comfort, class and security – all in one!

Features of the Prize Home

The home’s floor plan is quite amazing as it makes the most out of available space and offers spacious living arrangements to the family. There is a garage for parking one car and a swimming pool to enjoy and relax in those hot summer afternoons.

The home has been styled by renowned designers using modern principles of décor that combine luxury and comfort with simplicity and elegance. All the rooms are completely equipped while at the same time they are also easy to manage and clean.

Here are some of the features of this beautiful home;

  • Luxury wooden floors in every room for easy maintenance
  • Modern furnishings including vanity in both bathrooms as well as a TV stand and comfortable sofas in the living area
  • Spacious bedrooms that open to a balcony for a breath-taking view of the surroundings
  • Combined open-plan kitchen with living and dining that has become a trademark of modern living
  • Modern bathrooms with tiled floors that are easy to clean and maintain; a separate shower area and a single bowl vanity
  • All the required electrical appliances are included in the package and already fitted in their respective places
  • Ducted air conditioning to lower energy bills throughout the year and offer an added level of comfort to the family
  • A walk-in wardrobe in both bedrooms and an attached bathroom
  • An entire wall consisting of glass windows for an amazing view of the surrounding city
  • A luxury kitchen with already fitted microwave oven, electric oven and double-door refrigerator

These are only a few of the highlights of this lovely home in Brisbane.

The prize home that we just reviewed is a true reflection of a simple, modern lifestyle with completely comfortable everyday living.

With all the facilities located within walking distance of the building that your new apartment is located in, you will have plenty of time to spend on creative activities or simply enjoy the sunshine!

The prize includes $63,000 worth of design and furniture package and an extra $150,000 in gold bullion to help the family settle down in the new city.

It is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone to test their luck and become the sole owner of a beautiful apartment located in the newly-constructed tallest building in the city of Brisbane. All you have to do is buy a few tickets and become a part of the lottery draw. Don’t forget the date when the lottery will be drawn and keep your fingers crossed till then. Who knows, you could be the next winner of the Surf Lottery that will change your life completely!

What are the Options?

The winner has the choice to either start living in the apartment or decide to rent it out for an extra source of income every year. It has been estimated that an apartment in this complex will offer a rental income of $44,200 per annum. The rental income could be higher depending on the current prices in real estate and the development work taking place around the city.

Another option is for the lucky winner to sell the apartment to an interested buyer and get a fortune in return. You could either invest that money elsewhere or buy a new home in the city you are currently residing.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is to keep a look on the calendar as the lottery closes on 15th April, 2020. In addition to the first prize that is valued at $1,277,700, there is also a bonus prize comprising $150,000 gold bullion. So, the more tickets you buy the higher your odds of winning.